April 24, 2024

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Echo “Maya”

Final Episode

Well…that’s over now.

Clocking in at just under 40 minutes, Echo concludes with Maya Lopez becoming a hero, channeling the power of her ancestors, sharing it with her grandmother Chula and cousin Bonnie, and then, apparently, offering to heal the Kingpin of his personal trauma of listening to his father abuse his mother before he beat his dad to death with a hammer while still a child.  It’s not something the big man seems happy about, but the finale hits all the expected tropes of having Maya leave town only to go back to save the day, remember her mother who had healing powers, and get help from her other cousin Biscuits while her Uncle Henry gets the only kill in this episode.  That guy was looking to hit a powwow with a rocket launcher, so I’d say he had it comin’.

So, what am I to make of all this?

Echo is, for lack of a better word, fine.  As a superhero origin, it more or less works, but I don’t think it gets any better than fine.  Maybe if I had watched it all in one sitting, and I’ll give Marvel credit for working with the Choctaw Nation to ensure accuracy in how they portrayed the tribe.  Maya’s character arc, as someone who had to let go of her anger and embrace her family, realizing she couldn’t do everything on her own, works even if it is a bit cliche on many levels.  There’s a lot to like about Echo.

I am not, however, all that sure that I can say I love it.  It’s a good sight better than some of the stuff Marvel has put out on Disney+ lately.  I’m thinking of something like Secret Invasion with its glacial pacing or how generally unsatisfying I found Moon Knight when all was said and done.  It’s also not at the heights of something like WandaVision or Loki or even Hawkeye.  But it’s fine.  This may even be the rare Marvel property where knowing nothing about the source martial version of the character helps.  Arguably, the only thing comic Maya and TV Maya have in common is they’re both Native American and deaf.  Different powers, different skills, and even a bit of a different attitude.

But overall, Echo is fine.  I don’t think it broke any new grounds, but I likewise don’t think it’s even remotely bad.  I do think it works best watched in as much of one chunk as possible, but that’s about it.

Oh, and to set up the new Daredevil, Wilson Fisk decides on the flight back to the city to run for mayor.  I know that storyline includes Fisk’s outlawing of all superheroes within the city, a situation that only ends when Luke Cage wins the next election, but somehow, I don’t think Marvel will be going that route.

7.5 out of 10 injured woodpeckers.

Anyway, I need something new for Mondays.  For reasons of my own, I’m going with the Masters of Air mini-series.

I’m not sure I would call something like this fun, but I do hope it will be dramatic and exciting.  It is about war after all.