April 24, 2024

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Comic Review: Babyteeth Volume 4

Satan arrived on Earth, and even he's disappointed by what came next.

I decided for 2024 I would finish the AfterShock series Babyteeth.  I usually pick out a comic series or two that ended but, for one reason or another, I never got around to finishing.  The thing is, I somewhat knew there wasn’t much left to Babyteeth, and I would probably finish it quickly as a result.

I might have gotten this review done sooner, but I always wait until I get five done, and one this week took a bit more time than most.

Volume 3 ended with the reveal that Satan had tricked Sadie and the extended Ritter clan, murdering Sadie’s father, and finding a way to Earth with his army in order to kick off Armageddon.  Volume 4 shows that sometimes even the devil doesn’t get what he wants from a parental figure.  Sadie (and her sister Heather) still have a mother who worked for the same cult that set this whole mess up on the devil’s behalf on Earth, but for the devil, the real disappointment comes from the fact that the final battle he wanted with God doesn’t come because God seems to just ignore what’s going on on Earth.

But this is the devil.  He can always come up with other plans, and while the remaining Ritters have to deal with the aftermath of the opening of the portal to Hell, the series does ask a very big question:  how important is it for a child to have a loving parent in their life?  Clark Ritter may be the Antichrist, but that doesn’t mean he has to be a bad kid.

Every so often, I find a story that tells about the end of the world and tries to be as heartwarming as possible.  Babyteeth is one of those stories.  Yes, it’s violent, heavy on the profanity, and the devil is a major character (though arguably not the main antagonist depending on how you view Sadie’s mother and half-brother).  Sadie, despite knowing where her son came from, is a very loving mother.  She probably got help from her father as far as that goes.  What happens here is the world needs to rebuild after Hell’s invasion, and the world at the end of this trade is about as good as it can be given what happens.

Eh, it was written by Donny Cates.  There was a really strong chance I was going to enjoy it anyway.

9 out of 10 bad mothers for the trade and 9.5 out of 10 talking raccoon demons for the series.