April 24, 2024

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Weekend Trek “Remember”

B'Elanna is having these weird visions while the ship transports some telepathic aliens to their homeworld.

Oh hey, Bruce Davison!

OK, I kinda remember this episode for one thing:  the alien Enarans have these things wrapped around their heads, and I was never quite sure if they were fashion accessories or part of their skills or something.  The episode doesn’t really say, and I am hot off the heals of a previous alien race looking exactly like humans, so I could see it going either way.  But here’s the deal:  Voyager is transporting the rather friendly alien Enarans from a colony of theirs to their homeworld.  These folks seem so darn civilized, the only real issue is one uses his telepathic powers to temporarily give Janeway the power to play a musical orb without really checking with her first.

Wait, there’s another problem:  Harry seems to have forgotten he has a girlfriend back home and seems to be rather smitten with one helping out in Engineering.

No, wait, the real problem is B’Elanna seems to be having these intense dreams of a lover from the Enaran homeworld, to the point where she sleeps in a little too much when she should be on duty.  Chakotay has to go down to her quarters and wake her up.  She does confide the nature of the dreams to him, but I am mostly wondering since when does Chakotay just go into her room while she’s sleeping.

The dreams, however, are not so harmless and they aren’t dreams at all:  these are memories some Enaran is giving to B’Elanna.  They are causing her to lose consciousness at points, and there may even be a chance for brain damage,  but the memories are telling a story, and it isn’t such a pleasant one.

Wow.  Another Delta Quadrant race is not as friendly and civilized as they appeared to be.  Between the Enarans and the Trabe, I think the crew might be better off dealing with the Kazon and the Vidiians.  At least they know where they stand with those guys.  The more friendly and high-cultured the race, the worse they secretly are.  But while the Trabe engaged in enslaving the Kazon and general treachery beyond that, the Enarans pulled off what Wikipedia is calling a “genocide.”  I don’t think that’s quite the right word here.  It’s more of a purge,

What B’Elanna eventually learns is there was a faction on the Enaran homeworld called the Regressives.  These folks just didn’t want to use the technological advances the Enarans were coming up with on their own, so for the crime of being a Luddite or something, the other Enarans killed them.  They made it look like they were shipping the Regressives off to a new colony away from everyone else, but that didn’t quite fit.  And whoever’s memories B’Elanna was seeing, she had a lover among the Regressives that she betrayed to her father, chanting along that he should die for his beliefs with a large crowd, and then told seceding generations that the Regressives left for another world where they ended up killing each other because they couldn’t get along.  It seems one old Enaran on the ship wanted to get the real story out before she died.  Oh, and die she did, possibly of murder.  There’s just no evidence for it.

There is B’Elanna shouting about the murder at a farewell party for the Enarans.  The elders deny her charges.  The younger ones don’t believe it.  Janeway does, but there’s this whole Prime Directive thing.  That has a work-around as B’Elanna gets a young engineer to see the memories for herself which will accomplish…I have no idea.

I mean, it’s one person, and the elders have already made it clear they will kill to keep their crimes quiet.  What does telling one person do?  Doesn’t that just put a target on her back?  I mean, I get that the episode is suggesting this young woman will reveal the truth to her people so that they can atone for their crimes or some such, but knowing as I do that the elders kill to keep this a secret, I would think all B’Elanna did was doom this poor young woman.

Then again, this is the one Harry was sweet on.  Maybe it serves her right.  Libby wouldn’t approve of what Harry did there, after all…