April 19, 2024

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The Clone Wars “Senate Spy”

The Jedi Council recruit Padme to spy on another Senator. She used to date the guy.

Oh, the jealous lover trope…that is so immature….

Maybe I can pretend, just this once, that Anakin isn’t really jealous of his secret wife.  Of course, if she wasn’t his secret wife, he might have avoided a lot of these problems.  But the Jedi Council is suspicious of a Senator by the name of Rush Clovis and want another Senator to spy on him and see if he has any Separatist leanings or connections or something.  For that, they need another Senator, one they trust, and apparently, that’s Padme.

It’s probably a good thing they didn’t try to recruit Palpatine.  That might have gone wrong in all kinds of ways.

As it is, Padme had initially said “no,” but she changed her mind when Anakin asked her.  The idea was they would going together with his being there as an undercover agent because Jedi apparently aren’t famous or anything.  Oh, and Senator Clovis is also Padme’s ex-boyfriend apparently.

Clovis?  She dated a guy named Clovis?

Where have I heard that name before…

Oh yeah.

Well, surprise, surprise, Clovis still has a thing for Padme.  Will Anakin get jealous of this guy?

Um, a little.

It’s not a good look for him, but it turns out Clovis is working with the Separatists.  Looks like he’s loaning them money to build a new droid factory.  Those are the worst.  But he’s having a change of heart!  Oh, but his Separatist contacts decide to get to him by poisoning Padme!  Oh, but she got the proof to Anakin!  And she drank the poison!

OK, they aren’t killing off Padme.  They’ll have R2 and 3PO in the same episode without having them really interact, but they won’t kill off Padme.  Instead, she’ll be fine, but both Anakin and Clovis will both look kinda juvenile as they both moon over Padme.  Granted, Anakin comes out looking a bit better when everything ends, Clovis was working with the Separatists, and Padme did get the data the Jedi Council wanted.

So, I guess they gotta go blow up a factory or something.

Seriously, Padme dated a guy named Clovis?