April 19, 2024

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Barry “ronny/lily”

Season Two, Episode Five

I wasn’t expecting that.

That’s the second time this week that I wasn’t expecting something.  This one is nothing like Black Mirror‘s write-up this week.

The previous episode ended with Detective Loach essentially blackmailing Barry into killing Loach’s ex-wife’s lover.  Barry is really trying to turn over a new leaf, but if he doesn’t, Loach will arrest Barry for killing Detective Moss.  So will Barry kill this Ronny guy?

He will try oh-so-hard not to, and if there’s something that can go wrong here, it will, starting with the fact Barry tried to get the guy to pack a suitcase so he could go to Chicago for a year only for it turn out Ronny was a Taekwondo champ who after a couple of minutes starts to kick the crap out of Barry.  Barry responds in self-defense, and eventually the guy’s windpipe is crushed.  Barry’s not even trying to do that.

Oh, and then his young daughter comes home, and she’s like some feral thing.  If there’s no wirework involved with this girl flying across at Barry and then later Fuches, I’d be surprised.  Lily is more animal than human, and she even manages to stab Barry.  Fuches insists that Barry needs to also kill the girl too.  Barry doesn’t want to, but this girl will take a bite out of Fuches’s face, and Barry is wandering around in a daze due to bloodloss.

Then Ronny turns up alive when Barry goes to a supermarket to get some first aid supplies.

Basically, everything that could go wrong did so in the funniest way possible, right down to Loach’s shooting Ronny and getting ready to shoot Barry before Ronny pops up and kills Loach before being put down by a hail of cop bullets.  This is what Barry has been reduced to.  He tries to fix things without killing anyone, and while he doesn’t kill anyone, one man died, and the guy’s daughter has gone feral.

What should he have learned from all this?  Well, his dream sequence shows only one person was there when he came home from Afghanistan.  That same person, looking rather devious, is the one waiting for him when the episode is over and he can barely seem to walk anywhere.

Fuches’s being bad for Barry is not new, but this episode finds a way to really frame it in a new way for people who somehow hadn’t picked up on that.