April 19, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Thanos #1 (November, 2023)

Thanos attacks Fresno. Someone in there is of interest to him.

Hold on, Thanos got another series?  He’s, like, a bad guy, a mass murderer, and a nihilist.  How can a series where he’s the main character not be super-depressing?

Well, he’s had one or two before, even a good one from Donny Cates.  About all I know in the end is if Jim Starlin comes back to Marvel to do more Thanos work, he’ll probably dismiss this stuff as the work of a clone’s fever dream or something.  He does that sort of thing all the time whenever anyone does anything with Thanos that isn’t him.

Issue:  Thanos #1, November 2023

Writer:  Christopher Cantwell

Artist:  Luca Pizzari

The Plot:  Thanos wants a single person in Fresno.  Everyone else can just die.

Commentary:  Alright, this is one way to tell a Thanos story:  make him a background character.  He’s not the main protagonist for this issue.  That is arguably a young woman named Roberta who dresses in black and has some habit of visiting a gravestone that must carry some significance and seems to ponder life a bit when she finds a dead rat in a trap.  That could make her more philosophical or even a Goth girl given her general look and attire.  Her life seems rather humdrum and maybe even a little lonely.  Yes, there is an older woman who seems to recognize her, but there’s not much special about her.

Except, you know, she’s dreaming that Thanos is on his way, and when he shows up, he wants one person.  After hoisting the city of Fresno into orbit, he essentially makes it clear he will start killing people until that one person he’s looking for comes out.  It sure does seem to be Roberta, mostly because she’s the lead character.  Oh, and the Illuminati show up looking for her.

Why would Thanos want a random human woman?  I have a rough idea, but that’s all.  He seems more an unstoppable force in the background, and even the Illuminati team present–mainstays Dr. Strange, Reed Richards, and Iron Man with newcomers the Blue Marvel and Emma Frost–don’t seem formidable enough to handle him.  Of course, the Illuminati was more about guiding people from behind the scenes, plotters like Thanos.  Whatever Thanos wants, it should be interesting seeing how things play out.

Still, no one gets Thanos’s voice quite right except his creator, so I’ll need to keep that in mind.

Trade:  B-