April 19, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Clan Of The Cave Mom”

In which Marge and LuAnn VanHouten go to war over how to parent.

Kerry Washington is back for a few more lines as Bart’s teacher.  That’s about it for guest stars this time around.

On a school trip to the Natural History Museum, Marge is annoyed while everyone else is watching a movie about prehistoric humanity.  Marge is getting harassed by the Home Owners Association and she wasn’t even aware when she joined that bunch of jolly dinks.

Meanwhile, Bart and Milhouse cause some trouble with a really old trebuchet.  Those things don’t have the ability to do anything with the weight of a modern American kid!  But hey, Milhouse got four tickets to see Violencia Gigante!  Who are they?  Well, a fictional Spanish-speaking rap group or something that glorifies selling drugs and violence and the like.  I don’t know music.  Marge may be inclined to let Bart go to that, but then she hears the music.  OK, she hears the radio edit, but Lisa is always there to be a killjoy to her brother’s idea of fun, and Marge won’t let Bart see a band like that.

You know, until LuAnn VanHouten decides Bart is a bad influence and should not be allowed to accompany Milhouse and three other kids to this concert.  Now, well, now it’s personal.  Marge will get Bart to that show she didn’t want him to go to.  Yes, Homer is the one to point that out, but he goes along with everything while Marge keeps getting these visions of herself and her family as cave people.  That’s some hardship there, especially when a giant wolf with LuAnn’s haircut shows up.

How far will Marge go to get Bart to a concert of a band that she does not approve of and would not normally want Bart to see?  Pretty darn far, especially after she and LuAnn got into a heated argument at a school board meeting where LuAnn took Marge to task for her laxity with Bart while Marge took LuAnn to task for her overprotectiveness.

And then she spends a lot of money on front row seats, allowing Bart to poach Milhouse’s three guests of Martin, Nelson, and…Louis?  I dunno.  The other kid.

Homer, it should be noted, still was hanging out with Kirk since they were in the same fantasy football league.  Marge might not have found out if she didn’t need an app to use the tickets and not a printed out piece of paper.  Homer, apparently, just deletes apps all the time, so he doesn’t have it.  LuAnn is there with good tickets and Milhouse’s two replacement guests, a pair of toddlers.

Marge then decides to just burst through the lines and get the boys to the front row where she believes they belong, all while her cavewoman self is fighting that big wolf, especially after the graphic death of caveman Homer.  Marge does get the boys there, past numerous barriers and even sliding through melted butter substitute from a popcorn table.  But then Bart and most of the other boys don’t want to go because Marge is freakin’ scary, looking like the cavewoman from her daydreams when Bart points to a mirror.

Nelson thinks it’s hot.  He’s a bit of an exception.

Milhouse, meanwhile, wishes Bart was there because even if he’s a bad influence, he’s the only person who cares enough about Milhouse to influence him.

Needless to say, both mothers reconcile, and Milhouse gets to join the other boys with Marge’s passes.

So, that’s an episode that happened.  I actually liked the cave people bits since the animation style changed up a bit, and it makes sense that LuAnn would be the opposite side of Marge’s war as LuAnn is probably the most developed mother character on the show.  It’s not like Maude Flanders is still around.  Man…a Marge vs Maude episode might have been a lot more interesting, especially if Homer and Ned became friends at the same time.

Oh well.