April 20, 2024

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Going Through Avatar: The Last Airbender Part Fifteen

Jimmy and Tom have some thoughts on the Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes "Bitter Work" and "The Library."

OK, maybe these conversations don’t come out as often as I would like, but Jimmy is loving this show, and I am loving revisiting this show.  Let’s just say we have gotten a bit further along than the following two episodes:  “Bitter Work and “The Library.”

“Bitter Work”


Aang and Zuko resume training.

jimmy:  Just like i always say, you can never get a good lightning strike when you need one.

tomk:  You always say that?

jimmy:  Oh yeah.

tomk:  Is that like how Greg always says, “A kabuki without makeup is like a day with Doris”?

jimmy:  Kinda. Except mine makes sense.

tomk:  When exactly do you, Jimmy Impossible, debonair man-about-town, defender of the faith, the Spider-Man of Earth-2, lost son to a forgotten throne, and beloved by all except Cousin Minka, need a lightning strike?

jimmy:  Uh…if the BBQ won’t light?

tomk:  Why don’t you just use a little bit of lighter fluid and these matches?

jimmy:  I’m not allowed to use matches anymore.


Jimmy, you are a grown-ass man. Who says you can’t use matches?


tomk:  That’s for when you’re in a forest.

jimmy:  The BBQ is outside…near a forest.

tomk:  Jimmy, are you going to let every bear in a hat tell you what to do?


tomk:  Him too.

jimmy:  Are  you going to argue with a bear?

tomk:  Maybe one with a hat. Certainly if it lays eggs.

jimmy:  A bear laying eggs?  That’s unpossible.

tomk:  This episode had a fanged moose.

jimmy:  It did.  He was awesome.  Unless you’re stuck in the ground.

tomk:  Then you better have a talented earthbender for a friend.

jimmy:  Because air bending ain’t gonna cut it.

tomk:  Unless you wanna pop Sokka like a grape.

jimmy:  Toph might.

tomk:  Except she got him out.

jimmy:  I don’t think she did it because she cared.

tomk:  Why might Toph hate Sokka?  The ladies love them some Sokka.

jimmy:  She can’t see him.

tomk:  She has Daredevil senses through her feet.

jimmy:  Sokka’s charms don’t translate well to sonar.

tomk:  How would you know?

jimmy:  It’s a well known fact.

tomk:  Sounds like Fire Nation propaganda to me.

jimmy:  Possibly.

tomk:  I mean, his charms work on you.

jimmy:  I don’t have sonar powers.

tomk:  What about radar powers?

jimmy:  Oh, I have those.

tomk:  Then you might wanna cut back on your drinking since Jenny keeps sneaking past you on the way to your donut stash.

jimmy:  Oh no, my powers only tell me when radars are near.

tomk:  You’re not just saying that in order to keep your beer fridge?

jimmy:  No, no.

tomk:  Because Ryan keeps raiding that.


tomk:  He usually goes at the same time Jenny hits the donuts.

jimmy:  I need better security. Maybe Iroh is available once he finishes recovering.

tomk:  The Beaver keeps leaving the door unlocked. Possibly on purpose. But Iroh doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who should watch food.

jimmy:  He just needs to be around while he studies the other bending disciplines.

tomk:  Other bending disciplines?  Like internetbending?

jimmy:  I was thinking more like water and earth.

tomk:  Oh. Those make much more sense.

jimmy:  And Iroh said so in the show.

tomk:  You probably wanna learn some beerbending.



tomk:  But Aang learned earthbending after Toph took Katara’s advice on positive reinforcement.

jimmy:  Katara knows Aang a lot better than Toph.

tomk:  Right, and Aang was positive that a big rock was going to smash him.

jimmy:  He’s no Indiana Jones.

tomk:  Indy would have gotten more done if he was an earthbender.

jimmy:  He did pretty well as it was.

tomk:  Yeah, but he could have shot that boulder at Belloc and saved himself a lot of trouble later.  Besides, earthbending doesn’t always work so well on sand.

jimmy:  I hate sand. It gets…everywhere.

tomk:  Kinda like bears in hats.

jimmy:  Just do what he says, everything will be fine.

tomk:  Aang learns stuff like that. Zuko tries really hard and can’t quite get there.

jimmy:  It takes time.

tomk:  Plus patience. Or maybe a large rock headed at your face.

jimmy:  None of which Zuko has.

tomk:  I’m sure someone can provide a large rock.

Maybe another bear in a hat.

jimmy:  Man, there’s a lot of those.

tomk:  Bears love hats.

jimmy:  Apparently.

tomk:  Almost as much as you love this show.

jimmy:  Maybe more!

tomk:  Maybe you should get a bear a hat and watch your troubles get bent away.

jimmy:  Or get a beer hat.

tomk:  A bear hat or a beer hat?

jimmy:  Beer hat.

tomk:  Do you want to give it to a bear?

jimmy:  No. Maybe a sabertooth moose.

tomk:  I’m not sure they can wear hats with those antlers.

jimmy:  It may need some alterations.

tomk:  Jimmy Impossible: Tailor to the Mooses.

jimmy:  Well, I’m no bender, so that works.

tomk:  We seem to have wandered pretty far away from the episode. I blame bears with hats.

jimmy:  Bears with hats.  Even when it was the bears without hats, I knew it was them.

tomk:  Maybe we should move on, maybe check out a bear-free episode.

jimmy:  Sounds delightful.

tomk:  You can go to the library then.


tomk:  I don’t think you’ll like this librarian as much as you probably like her.

jimmy:  We shall see, Tom. We shall see.

tomk:  Then it’s time to go to the library.

“The Library”

The Aang Gang, looking for information about the Fire Nation, search for an ancient library.


tomk:  What did?  The Librarian?  Those lousy sandbenders?  Toph’s holding a large building above the sand all by herself?

jimmy:  Yes.


jimmy:  All those things.

tomk:  You probably also went looking when Toph pointed out where the library might be.

jimmy:  She found it, though it was fuzzy.

tomk:  All I will say is this episode here is where I started to think of Toph as the MVP.

jimmy:  She certainly was impressive. Though she lost Appa.

tomk:  And I am sure Aang won’t be too happy about that.

jimmy:  He certainly wasn’t.

tomk:  Not everyone can be as happy as that doomed professor.

jimmy:  He was just looking for a good book.

tomk:  Too many apparently.

jimmy:  Well, if that librarian wasn’t such a meany, everyone could have gotten along just fine.

tomk:  Zhao set his collection on fire.

jimmy:  These guys didn’t.

tomk:  But they sure did sound destructive to Mr Owl.

jimmy:  So his response was to destroy the whole place?  Or at the very least, kill them?

tomk:  Kill them. He’s a spirit. He wasn’t destroying his collection.

jimmy:  Lousy spirits.

tomk:  We could always go see the face thief again.

jimmy:  I’ll pass.

tomk:  Maybe the librarian and the face thief are friends.

jimmy:  Oh, that seems quite likely.

tomk:  The foxy servants probably serve cookies when they meet up.

jimmy:  That fox was helpful.

tomk:  Quiet too. We’ll never know what the fox has to say.

jimmy:  I liked the silent one better.

tomk:  What does the Moose say?

jimmy:  He’s more of the strong silent type.

tomk:  Makes sense. And what’s he like when you guys hit the library to do some research?

jimmy:  He does a lot of research on the best tasting berries.

tomk:  Isn’t the answer strawberries?

jimmy:  Yes. But you never know when a new one might pop up.

tomk:  New berries pop up?

jimmy:  You never know.

tomk:  I think that’s the problem: Sokka didn’t know and wanted to find out.

jimmy:  But he was too busy checking every single day for two months for a solar eclipse in record time while everyone else fought for their lives.

tomk:  Someone had to.

jimmy:  Someone like an MVP?

tomk:  Someone else had to hold the library above the sand.

And the others had to keep an angry librarian at bay.

It’s a team effort.

That or Appa is the real MVP.

jimmy:  And now he’s gone.

tomk:  Never to be seen again.

jimmy:  Probably not. It was a good run.

tomk:  You know, I’ll bet Aang could probably do some research on where to find a new ride at the library if it weren’t for that lousy Mr Owl.

jimmy:  Or he rescues Appa next episode.

tomk:  That might be a better idea.

jimmy:  And now they have a plan to defeat the Fire Lord.

tomk:  Do they?  They just know when firebenders lose their powers.

jimmy:  Well, the start of a plan.

tomk:  Like when you say you want to drink less beer before you replenish the keg in your office?

jimmy:  Not all plans come together.

tomk:  Like your plan to watch a bunch of Star Trek?

jimmy:  I’m working on it. I got sidetracked by The Boys universe.

tomk:  What plans of yours have been working?

jimmy:  …these chats?

tomk:  Ok, that checks out. You deserve a big slice of chocolate cake. And Watson will validate your parking.

jimmy:  Good deal.

tomk:  Play your cards right, and you might win a Gabbie during the next Gabbing Geek Awards.

jimmy:  For keeping a building from being buried?

tomk:  No, that’s a category for the Bendie Awards.

jimmy:  Toph’s a shoe in for that one.  And Katara has got “keeping a giant owl spirit busy” all locked up.

tomk:  I heard you were up for “most likely to wanna hang with Iroh”.

jimmy:  I can live with that.

tomk:  But he wasn’t in this episode.

jimmy:  He was not.

tomk:  He may be in the next one.

jimmy:  Probably Zuko too.

tomk:  We can check.

jimmy:  We can.

tomk:  Ready then?

jimmy:  Ready.

NEXT TIME:  Tom and Jimmy will be back soon with more Last Airbender chat when they cover “The Desert” and the double-length “Secrets of the Fire Nation.”