April 19, 2024

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The Clone Wars “Cargo Of Doom”

Cad Bane has the key to his stollen holocron. Now he just needs a Jedi to open it.

Hey, that season premier opened up with Anakin and Ahsoka going one way while Obi-Wan went another, each with their own mission.  Anakin is looking for a missing Jedi Master while Obi-Wan looks to get the stolen holocron back from Cad Bane.

Then this episode opens with Bane’s having already captured the missing Jedi.  He has the holocron.  He has the key.  He just needs a way to open the thing.

Bane, for what it is worth, is still a smart adversary, making up for his lack of Force powers with cunning plans.  He managed to rent an army from Nute Gunray at some point, and even if he has captured the Jedi, he doesn’t have a means to open the holocron without the Jedi’s help.  His first plan doesn’t work because torture droids tend not to leave a captive alive long enough to open much of anything.  But with Anakin and Ahsoka’s ships closing in, well, he may have other Jedi he can use.

I can see the show is still improving over a pretty good season one.  Anakin doesn’t have any means to go from his ship to another with Ahsoka, Rex, R2, and a bunch of clone troopers unless he thinks outside the box by having some walkers, pressurized on the inside and with magnetic feet, jump from his ship to Bane’s.  Bane can play with gravity a bit, but that doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things when Rex’s men have trained for it, battle droids are still idiots, and R2 can turn the gravity back on.

R2 does that at the worst possible time, but he still does it.

Oh, and then Ahsoka goes off to take on Bane by herself.

I can admire that girl’s moxie, but Bane is not an idiot.  He may not have a lightsaber and the ability to dodge blaster bolts, but he does have other weapons on-hand that can make him a match for a padawan, and he knows capturing Ahsoka will bring Anakin along due to the padawan/master bond.  And hey, putting Ahsoka in a death trap involving an airlock is a surefire way to put Anakin in the sort of position where he has to open the holocron or let Ahsoka perish.

It wouldn’t mean much if he didn’t do the right thing and accede to Cad Bane’s demands.

That said, Anakin oddly enough is calling this whole adventure a win since, well, he did get her and most of his people back.  Maybe he’s just doing that to bug the admiral.  That guy seems a lot grumpier and more cynical than the last time I saw him.  But it’s like I said, this show seems to be improving on the sorts of stories it’s telling, and giving nuance to the admiral, a character I am not even sure has a name, is just another sign of such activity.