April 19, 2024

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Echo “Taloa”

Episode Four

Huh.  No flashback to one of Maya’s ancestors this time around.  Instead, it’s a flashback to her childhood and early adulthood, times when she learned her Uncle Wilson was a rather violent man when he severely beat a jerk ice cream man for not selling young Maya some ice cream and then later dismissing the ASL interpreter before killing the woman.

Maya seems oddly cool with all this.

Maya’s overall rage is basically the theme of the mini-series.  She’s angry at her grandma Chula for abandoning her.  She’s angry at Fisk for killing her father.  She’s probably angry at her father for taking her to New York, and for all I know, she’s angry at her mother for dying.  Maya has been a pretty angry character since her first appearance on Hawkeye, so that in a nutshell makes her a nice counterpoint to Fisk since, well, he’s a pretty angry guy sometimes too.

By the by, I came across some commentary that pointed out that people who legit care for Maya at least try to learn sign language to be able to talk to her.  Fisk doesn’t bother.  He sticks a contact lens to translate for him into her one eye before offering her his position back in New York because…I have no idea, but Maya’s Uncle Henry thinks it’s because he does things like that to put people under his control.  That’s something that makes a lot of sense, actually.  Bring Maya back, dangle the thing she wants in front of her, never quite give it to her…yeah, that sounds like something a mob guy like Fisk would do.

Meanwhile, Maya finally talks to her grandma, and the old lady basically says what I was starting to suspect about how Maya’s “echo” powers work in this version of the character since it doesn’t look like she’s stealing others’ skills by simply watching them.  Is that something that counts as a prediction?  It wasn’t exactly surprising.

Anyway, I find myself kinda liking this show, but as I keep saying, it was meant to be binged, so I don’t find much to say about any of these individual episodes.

All I know is, Maya changed her mind for some reason.  Was it because time spent with her grandma Chula convinced her otherwise?  Was it her Uncle Henry’s warnings?  Was it just her own knowledge that Fisk can’t be trusted?  I mean, just because the Kingpin offered to let Maya kill him doesn’t mean he actually would, and she may be has better things to do.  But she ultimately decided to not do that because that would be a really dumb thing to do.  And that means the Kingpin’s own mask slips just a bit as his own rage comes out…

Yeah, this may get ugly in the finale.