May 27, 2024

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Ted Lasso “Mom City”

Season Three, Episode Eleven

Near the end of this episode, Ted shakes hands with an opposing manager, one whose team he has just defeated.  The guy didn’t strike me as much of an actor, and his dialogue suggested he was a Ted Lasso-level nice guy with good advice, Ted was somehow nervous to meet him, and the series has made use of people associated with soccer/football before.  As a result, I figured the guy was a real soccer/football coach/manager.  I don’t really know anything about the sport in the grand scheme of things.

Anyway, the fellow is one Pep Guardiola, manager to Manchester City’s team.

Anyway, here’s a question:  why hasn’t Ted ever really brought up his mom all that much?  His father’s suicide has always been on his mind, and he’s brought it up more than once.  But has he mentioned his mother?  I don’t much recall.  The point is, she shows up here in this episode unexpectedly, and Ted may be the only person who isn’t glad to meet her or, in Beard’s case, see her again.  Ted doesn’t hate his mother or anything.  She’s a lot like him, actually.

Essentially, this is an episode where the theme is a bit easier to pick out:  forgiving parents for the things they did.  That comes into play with Ted for a reason that doesn’t make sense until he says why, and with Jamie, haunted to go play against his old team and knowing his father probably won’t be happy with him.  The Jamie one makes a bit more sense because the series has shown what an awful dad Jamie’s father is, but Jamie does find refuge with his mother, and she’s the opposite of his dad in every way.

That Keeley and Roy accidentally go along for the ride and Jamie had posters of both of them in his childhood room was a nice touch even Keeley’s was…well…suggestive seems like a good word.

Anyway, Ted suggests Jamie forgive his dad, which improve’s Jamie’s play, and this is the Jamie of old, not the one who was being so nice Roy knew there was something very wrong.  Ted also wants Beard to forgive Nate and welcome him back to Richmond, something Beard does because…my God, Beard’s story is so messed up, and Ted’s forgiveness is limitless from the looks of things.

But then Ted basically says he was always bothered by the way his mom just kept on going after his father killed himself.  Except the thing I keep thinking is, isn’t that basically what Ted himself did before he went into therapy?  Always thinking of others when he may sometimes need to focus on himself?  I mean, when Beard tells Dottie Lasso how Ted isn’t thinking of his own needs like he always does, Dottie’s reaction is to basically do that very thing.  Ted did everything he could to ignore his father’s death.  So has Dottie.  The two never talked about it, never checked to see how they were doing, and Ted maybe needed that far more than Dottie did since he was the one who found the body.

It’s a conversation that Ted clearly needed, and it was one that Dottie may have needed even more.

But then, well, this is the penultimate episode, and Dottie clearly needs a reason of her own to see Ted since she did cross the Atlantic without telling him she was coming, and it is a simple one:  Ted’s own son needs his father.

This is, as things stand, the final season and headed to the final episode.  Maybe Ted Lasso needs to follow his own advice when dealing with his own son Henry.