May 27, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Justice League Vs Godzilla Vs Kong #1 (October, 2023)

The DC Universe and the Legendary Monsterverse meet up.

The DC Universe has been around for a few decades, and it would seem to be something of a mismatch to set either Godzilla or Kong against the likes of Superman and the Green Lantern.  Granted, there isn’t much of a story if the League mops the floor with the Monsterverse’s two most famous Titans.  But regardless, I think we can all agree on one thing:  that is one long, unwieldy title.

Issue:  Justice League vs Godzilla vs Kong #1, October 2023

Writer:  Brian Buccellato

Artist:  Christian Duce

The Plot:  The Legion of Doom set the Titans against the Justice League.

Commentary:  I posited above the the heroes of the DC Universe can handle giant monsters without too much trouble.  They have before.  Quite frankly, this issue even acknowledges that by having Superman face off against his old sparring partner Titano.  The fight is so uneven that Superman manages to defeat the giant ape between panels before the Flash can show up to help.  Somehow, I suspect that Godzilla, Kong, and whoever else finds themselves in the DC Universe will not go down that easily.  I wouldn’t even be a bit surprised if there might be something in the licensing from Toho that says Godzilla can’t lose, but I’ll have to wait and see.  This issue only opens with Godzilla popping up in the middle of Metropolis’s harbor to interrupt Clark Kent’s proposal to Lois Lane only to then flash back to show how Godzilla got there in the first place.

It’s basically the Legion of Doom’s fault, in particular the Toyman.  A plot to steal something from the Fortress of Solitude goes very wrong for them, and the Legion finds themselves on Skull Island in a different universe.  Toyman, angry at how he’s basically not treated with any respect by any of the others from Lex Luthor on down to Captain Cold, sends Godzilla to Metropolis through means he may or may not understand, but no fights between Kryptonians and Titans in this issue.

As for the issue itself, even if it doesn’t quite explain how a giant lizard can beat the Man of Steel, I liked the way it worked for the most part.  It’s not groundbreaking, but most of the Justice League stuff shows they’re basically used to winning.  The only concern Clark has is getting Lois to say “yes,” and even then, he’s taking the different members of the League’s reactions in stride, whether it’s Diana’s simple congratulations, Hal’s belief that marriage is a trap, or Bruce’s admiration for what Clark is doing.  Oh, and Clark’s insistence that Bruce not loan him money to pay for the ring he bought.

And I liked another small detail, namely that Gorilla Grodd somehow thinks Kong is an Ape God, and then he starts worshipping the big guy while attempting psychic communication.

I expect the Titans to start handing DC heroes their heads in the next issue, but this is a good start.

Grade:  B+