April 24, 2024

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The Clone Wars “Bombad Jedi”

Jar Jar Binks impersonates a Jedi...kinda by accident.

Two actors from the original movies reprised their roles for The Clone Wars, namely Anthony “C-3PO” Daniels and Ahmed “Jar Jar Binks” Best.

Both characters appear in this episode.  In fact, they have a team-up.

Padme is on a mission of mercy to Rodia (Greedo’s homeworld) where the Senator there is an old family friend.  His people are starving, and he’s thinking of joining the Separatists in order to get some much-needed food.  As such, Padme is on her way there with her two sidekicks C-3PO and Jar Jar Binks to make sure these people stay with the Republic.

You know, unless she’s going to offer the locals eat Jar Jar, I’m not sure this is such a good idea.  These people are starving!  Get ’em some food and they’re sure to stay!  I mean, I’m sure Palpatine is behind all this since he’s implied to be behind a lot in these episodes, but really, I don’t see why Padme is surprised to find her old friend already signed with the Separatists.  She’s arrested.  Now, if only she hadn’t left Jar Jar and 3PO with instructions to stay on the ship.

Jar Jar, meanwhile, has accidentally broken a lot of things, but that includes the battle droids that came to round him and 3PO up.  Can he and the fussy protocol droid save the day?

Well…yes.  This is a more comedic episode that’s humor probably depends on how funny someone finds Jar Jar and 3PO.  3PO can have his moments.  Jar Jar?  Well, in cartoon form, he’s a bit better, but I’m not 100% sure why he thought borrowing the Jedi robes he found in the ship’s closet was a good idea…though I will admit to being amused that these two knuckleheads were kinda wondering why there was a Jedi’s robes in Padme’s ship.  There’s probably an R-rated reason for that if you think about it.

This is the sort of episode where Nute Gunray shows up, and his efforts to have the “Jedi” killed are mostly foiled by the fact that Jar Jar is so clumsy and Rodia has a lot of aquatic spots that an amphibian like Jar Jar can easily slip in and out of the water.  Plus, he befriends a lake monster somehow.  3PO manages to bluff his way past much dumber battle droids and send a message, and Padme can actually shoot halfway decently.  Gunray is captured (temporarily, I’m sure), and someone will finally send food to Rodia.  Was that so hard?  I mean, the Republic wasn’t for unknown reasons, and the Separatists…well, they’re a bunch of jerks.

I sure hope Anikin’s spare robes don’t stink of swamp water after all that.