April 24, 2024

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Gen V “Jumanji”

Season One, Episode Six

There’s a moment when Golden Boy, in a flashback/memory, faces the camera a certain way, and I can honestly say I see the strong resemblance between actor Patrick Schwarzeneger and his very famous father.  Patrick just doesn’t have quite so many visible muscles.

However, this is an episode that, among other things, reminds you that supes are fairly awful and opportunistic in the best of times for the most part in this universe.  Cate goes into a catatonic stupor and ends up sucking Andre, Jordan, Marie, and some other guy into her mind as she may be dying.  That means seeing her memories and a few of the others’ as well.  What a surprise:  Andre was screwing around with Cate long before Luke the Golden Boy died, and Jordan was opportunistic when it came to settling Golden Boy down the previous time he went on a rampage in Brink’s office.

Yes, Brink was in on whatever was happening, but showing a bit about how Cate got there maybe mitigates the damage she caused.  OK, not really.  Marie makes it clear Cate’s not off the hook, but she needs to take responsibility for her actions and not just blame others.  I suppose I’ll see how long that lasts, but given Jordan is played by two different actors, there is a nice moment on the mental plane where they can argue with themselves by using both the male and female versions of the character.  It’s a low tech solution to a meta plot point, an obvious one, and I approve of it 100%.

As it is, most of the episode takes place in Cate’s mind as she may be dying.  She won’t be in the end, but the others have to get out before she does die or else.  Yes, it is obvious Cate has suffered and Shetty took advantage of a frightened, lonely child.  Yes, Andre and Jordan are not the best people.  At no point did this universe suggest they weren’t just because they were doing the right thing by the main plotline.  The school’s general obsession with the “Top Ten” that Jordan can never get to the top of because their gender-shifting powers make the general public uneasy is very much on-brand for this universe, and they have made it clear they care about such things.  Andre seems nice, but he wasn’t exactly waiting long after his best friend died to hook up with the guy’s girlfriend.  It’s not exactly a shock that he was doing so even before Luke died.

Meanwhile, Emma and Sam are off hooking up, and Sam is still seeing puppets.  That’s…problematic.

However, nothing Andre or Jordan has done means they deserve to die or something.  They’re being, well, human in a place that more or less begs supes to compete hard against each other at all times.  Rankings matter because that will get them good jobs after graduation in superheroing (sort of) or acting (more likely).  What this episode does, though, is finally reveal Shetty’s plans for supes, and by that, I mean all supes.  Turns out she can’t stand them and may want to annihilate them all.  That’s she’s been manipulating young supes to kill off all supes is somehow not surprising, and a clear reminder that, even if The Boys posits most supes are assholes, Gen V points out a lot of humans can be as well.

Also, Soldier Boy is Cate’s imaginary friend?  OK, that makes sense.  Why is he the same asshole in Cate’s head that he is in the real world?  She’s never met the guy, has she?