April 24, 2024

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The Clone Wars “Duel Of The Droids”

Anikin had good reason not to trust Stumpy.

Oh, that Stumpy…

I am starting to feel like The Clone Wars is beginning to hit its stride with episodes like this one.  Anikin wants to rescue R2, not just because the droid has all his past mission info still in his memory, information General Grievous will kill a scavenger to get, but he’ll do it because R2 is his friend.  Obi-Wan doesn’t get that.  Ahsoka more or less does because she liked “Goldie” until it came out that Goldie was a spy/agent working for Grievous the entire time.

Man, what are the odds that Grievous gets an R3 unit into the Republic’s hands and that droid ends up with one of his biggest adversary’s?  That’s just some dumb luck right there, but I won’t complain too much because if there’s one Jedi that can handle a duplicitous droid, it’s Anikin since Anikin was at least a little suspicious of the new guy the entire time.  Plus, all those screw-ups weren’t caused by the fact Stumpy was in beta or something.  No, he was actively working against Anikin and Ahsoka.  It’s not a fault when the droid does it on purpose.

It also means there will be a duel between R2 and Stumpy that will end when R2 dumps his rival off a falling ship with a convenient buzzsaw to cut Stumpy’s lifeline.  These droids can’t talk or anything, but some of Stumpy’s last beeps had to be begging for mercy before he fell over the side, collided with other debris, and had his dome fly off.

Plus, it turns out R2’s escape attempts revealed where a Separatist listening post.  Did R2 do that on purpose or was it just a side benefit of his attempts to call for help?  I don’t know, and I don’t think it matters much.  It’s something Anikin can say to Obi-Wan later, and it can merely act as justification Anikin can offer to his fellow Jedi.

Oh, and the rescue/sabotage mission was good and exciting.  Ahsoka took on Grievous by herself, a foolish move but the only one available to keep that rotten cyborg from carving up Captain Rex and his clone troopers.  There’s some good fighting from the clones, Anikin gets to pick up his favorite droid, and the good guys win…especially R2 since he gets to go home with Anikin, the goodest good guy in the entire series who will never, ever go bad and…oh yeah.