April 24, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Knight Terrors: Action Comics #2 (August, 2023)

Power Girl is having nightmares. So is the Superman Family. Not sure where all those kids came from now that I think about it...

Well, I am almost done reviewing these Knight Terrors issues.  Figure the ones I reviewed before were the ones I liked enough to get back to right away.  The Action Comics two parter?  Eh, not so much.

Issue:  Knight Terrors: Action Comics #2, August 2023

Writers:  Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Leah Williams

Artists:  Mico Suayan, Fico Ossio, and Vasco Georgiev

The Plot:  Power Girl’s nightmares keep changing but the Superman Family’s collective one is more or less the same.

Commentary:  So, I don’t normally comment on covers, but the #1 issue suggested Power Girl was going to take on the Cyborg Superman, and this cover shows a split screen of her flying up and to the right while he flies down and to the left.  It’s probably worth noting that the two characters don’t actually meet up in either issue.  Power Girl’s nightmares keep shifting and changing, with only her roommate Omen’s constantly appearing as an antagonist as something of a common thread.  Meanwhile, the Cyborg Superman takes on the “Superman Family,” and I only recognize maybe two thirds of them to include Superboy, Nat Irons, Krypto, and the Chinese Super-Man.  The other kids?  No clue.

Therein arguably lies the problem.  The Power Girl story seems to be playing it somewhat lightly.  It’s not a comedy, but it seems less serious than a lot of these Knight Terrors stories have been.  All I know is, I don’t remember much about it even as I virtually flipped through the issue to remind myself about it.

As for the other one, the conclusion was clever in how the youngest members of the Family, AKA the ones I knew the least about, managed to defeat Hank Henshaw, but that’s about all I care to say about that.  I mean, by this point, the Knight Terrors issues I really enjoyed, I reviewed them a while ago.  As it is, I think I have one more than the last two issues of the main series.  Then maybe I can get back on the schedule I was on for a while there.

Or something like it.  I’m still reviewing The Amazing Spider-Man on Fridays.

Grade:  C