April 24, 2024

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Gen V “Welcome To The Monster Club”

Season One, Episode Five

Well, I was wrong about something last week.  I don’t mind being wrong, but I wish it wasn’t from a stereotype in the superhero genre.

I had assumed that Marie’s blackouts were caused by, you know, the fact that her powers often involve her losing a lot of blood.  I mean, that just makes sense.  But when she woke up at a party in parts unknown in Jordan’s arms (and this was Jordan in her female form), it turned out that, well, Jordan didn’t remember anything either about how they got there.  Neither did Emma or Andre.  Oh, Cate said she didn’t remember either, but that was…

That was a lie.

The mind controller is working for the bad guys?  I mean, that’s just a huge cliche at this point.  Are there any good guy mind controllers?  And I don’t mean ones that have powers beyond mind control.  Like, Professor X can control minds, but he also is a telepath of the highest order with very high standards for when and how he uses his powers.  I don’t think Cate can read minds.  She can just make people forget and then remember later from the looks of things.  She’s the reason the others don’t remember going out to the Woods or that Sam exists.

Sam remembers them though, but Sam sees ripping other human beings apart as ripping puppets apart instead.  Sam has problems.

So does Rufus, but that’s mostly because Marie blew his junk off in the previous episode, but he seems to be running around just fine, and he did make Marie forget the first time as I had initially assumed, using his psychic powers like some kind of roofie, but I was thrown off by Marie’s second blackout and assumed, again, blood loss.  That just makes more sense, just as it makes sense that a lot of these kids have powers that don’t work quite right.

Now, I will give the series some credit in that it does appear that Cate’s not really malicious so much as manipulated by Dean Shetty.  That tracks a bit too.  Cate seems remorseful for what she’s done, and that’s a way to keep this from being too stereotypical of, you know, the mind controller must be evil.

Besides, Emma’s r-rated escapades while under Cate’s influence seems to have gotten her mom off her back for stuff she doesn’t want to do, and that may be a bit of a silver lining for one of these people.

So, puppet people, unexpected but totally expected heel turns, and some other nice developments mean I am enjoying this show a bit more than I originally was.