April 24, 2024

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The Clone Wars “Shadow Of Malevolence”

Anikin knows a shortcut to try and take out the Malevolence before it attacks a Republic medical center.

OK, that’s two episodes in a row with a clever play off the name of General Grievous’s superweapon.  Will the series be able to do that for the third?

I’ll probably find out soon enough.

So, the Separatists’ heavily-armed battleship with its dual ion canons, the Malevolence, is no longer a secret.  That doesn’t mean the Jedi have much hope of stopping it.  They do have a rough idea where it is since it tends to leave destruction in its wake, and the Jedi have this weakness, according to Dooku:  they actually care about what happens to the clone troopers even if Grievous, for example, doesn’t care what happens to his own droid troopers.

Look, I know this is fairly benign levels of morality and all, but that is laying it on a bit thick.  Or it’s the show pointing out the irony that the Jedi have compassion for the very people who will eventually gun most of them down.  But this show actually gives one clone in Anikin’s bomber squadron a name and some personality and then kills the guy off.  The Clone Wars may have been kid-friendly, but that didn’t mean it didn’t let everybody live all the time.

Regardless, Grievous has decided to hunt down Republic hospital ships and medical stations to both A) lure the Jedi out and B) remind everyone he’s a really big asshole.  Part A works as Anikin has that bomber squadron and a short cut through a nebula, with Ahsoka riding in the gunner’s sear, and Plo Koon along for the ride.  The nebula has some giant space mantas, not cool there, but Anakin does get most of his ships to the Malevolence in one piece, and Grievous doesn’t care how many of his own ships he has to fry in an ion blast if he can take out some Jedi ships along the way.

Of course, this episode also hints a bit at Anikin’s dark side before he…you know, goes to the Dark Side.  He’s bound and determined to take out Grievous on the bridge to the point where he almost ignores Ahsoka and Plo’s advice to attack the ion canon before it fires on an orbital medical station, effectively crippling the ship so that, you know, Obi-Wan and the cavalry can maybe take that weird cyborg asshole down.

Or not, but hey, I got giant space manta rays, a space battle, and Anikin acting like he really is a good friend to Obi-Wan.  I’m content with this stuff so far.