April 24, 2024

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Barry “Chapter Eight: Know Your Truth”

Season One Finale

Oh, Barry…you are not a good man.

Now, maybe calling Barry “evil” is a step too far, but he’s not a good man.  He may be trying, but he’s trying to do so without owning up to the responsibility of what he has already done.  He’s got an, at-best, half-assed understanding of what it is to be a normal person, and it’s not like he’s sharing his backstory with anyone, particularly Sally after she shares hers, but the two hook up anyway and become partners both on- and off-stage.  Thanks to a series of coincidences and some dumb luck, Barry has managed to get out of trouble, even saving Fuches’s life from the Chechyans and stopping the gang war because, it turns out, with Goran dead and NoHo Hank in charge, everyone gets along a lot easier.

That could be the end, and I even thought a flashforward of a couple weeks was another of Barry’s daydreams for a number of reasons, not the least being I wasn’t sure when Gene got enough money to get a lake house.  Is Gene that well-off?  I mean, he has the acting school and a published book, but his own acting career isn’t all that great.

You know what?  It may not matter.   For one thing, it turns out the daydream thing was something the series did on purpose.  For another, this episode had Goran order a guy to cut Fuches into smaller pieces with a circular saw only to have it turn out that the guy spent all the time it sounded like he was chopping Fuches up building a stocks to put Fuches in first.  You really shouldn’t mess with a guy with an artistic vision even if that gets both you and the artist killed.  Then again, said vision might have been what got them killed.  I’m not even sure.  Goran is still dead.

But so is Detective Moss, just as she had figured out Barry was the killer she was looking for, and just as Barry was begging her to not force what was about to happen since he had a gun hidden in the forest, and he’s very good at killing.  Barry seems to be at a stage where he thinks it doesn’t matter that he did some very bad things.  He can just stop and never do them again.  He doesn’t need to answer for any crimes he committed or get some therapy or something.  He can just…stop.  Except, well, he can’t.  He stops three times in this episode, and he has to stop three times because the first two times don’t take, he does something violent, and then says he’s done.

It doesn’t work that way, Barry.  Sorry, man.  Even if Fuches used you, you still did those things.  Even if you could claim a justified motive, like protecting loved ones or self-defense, you still killed people, Barry.

Wait, I am writing to a fictional character from an episode of television that first aired in 2018.

The point is, Barry is a very confused man in many ways.  He doesn’t know how to get around the world, and the only thing he really knows is killing.

He’s probably going to be in big trouble at some point if Gene or Sally ever find out what he’s done.  I mean, Gene already knows.  He just doesn’t know he knows.  This could get comically ugly.