April 24, 2024

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Ted Lasso “La Locker Room Aux Folles”

Season Three, Episode Nine

I’ll be the first to admit I have no idea how much rent goes for in England in what looks like a large city or how much a restaurant hostess might make, but I was a bit surprised at how big Jade’s apartment is when it appeared in this episode.

Alright, my new thing for episodes of Ted Lasso is to find a common theme throughout the episode.  So, this time, I think the trick is finding out who the good guys are.

OK, this is Ted Lasso.  Just about everybody is a good guy.  This is a show that tries to pretend characters aren’t, but then they usually do the right thing.  There’s one noteworthy exception, of course, but it’s not much a surprise there.  For this episode, the main plot is how team captain McAdoo handles the fact that he’s the only guy on the team that knows Colin is gay.

Here’s the thing:  I just about never mention most of the players on the team for a very good reason.  It’s a simple reason, really:  I can maybe name three of them.  I recognize a lot of them, but many of them don’t really have much in the way of distinctive personalities.  McAdoo?  He’s the gruff team captain.  Colin?  Um, the gay one.  They didn’t have a flashy first episode or a subplot where they dated the boss or anything along those lines.  They just happen to be there and that’s all I know about them.  That’s not even a smack at the actors.  None of them are bad.  They just haven’t done much to distinguish themselves all that much.

So, is McAdoo a bad guy since he’s avoiding Colin everywhere?  No.  He’s not a homophobe or anything.  He attacked a fan at half time during a game for shouting a homophobic slur, and he was angry Colin hadn’t told him sooner.  Colin does come out to the team, and everyone is comfortable and all while Ted gives a speech about how they shouldn’t say they don’t care that he’s gay because of a friend of his who was a Denver Broncos fan, an analogy that none of the English footballers quite understand.

Trent seemed to be doing OK guiding Colin as it is.

OK, how about Roy?  Is Roy a good guy?  Well, he’s gruff, inclined to swear, and blew off taking care of a press conference when Ted was busy.  That doesn’t make him bad.  It does mean Coach Beard has to answer questions, and he starts arguments because he thinks Joe Walsh is a better guitarist than Jimmy Page.  But Roy’s not a bad guy either.  Yes, he’ll get told off by Rebecca, but he’ll talk to McAdoo and then the press to cover for McAdoo’s fan charge with a story of his own about how you never know what someone’s buttons might be because even footballers are human.

OK, what about Rupert?  Wait, Rupert is bad.  He tried to get Nate to cheat on Jade even after meeting her.  Heck, Jade sensed Rupert was kinda uncool.  What kind of question is that?  “What about Rupert?”  Really?  He’s obviously bad.  He’s the anti-Ted.  Nate can’t get back to Richmond fast enough.

So, that’s that.  Rupert is the bad guy because, even on Ted Lasso, there might still be an unrepentant asshole out there.