May 23, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Frinkenstein’s Monster”

In which Homer gets a new and better job thanks to Professor Frink.

Oh hey, The Simpsons came back!  This episode has some kind of weird reoccurring joke involving some sad song Lisa keeps singing, but I don’t know what to make of that, so this will be all I have to say about it.

Apparently, Homer was once a young go-getter that had risen to the rank of #3 in the Power Plant.  Now, he’s behind multiple security hounds and even a traffic cone that Homer helped get hired.  What a bummer.  Sure, Homer would love to know where he went wrong, but Moe doesn’t offer an answer aside from maybe “more beer” in a manner that leads me to think Moe might know more than he lets on.

But then Homer gets a call about a job interview at the new Shelbyville Nuclear Power Plant, this one run by a Finnish company (for some reason), and Homer is getting that interview because he has a very full resume with a whole lot of jobs listed on it even if many of them were court-ordered.  So, Homer’s habit of getting a new job every few episodes is back, and this time, it’s part of the episode!

Heck, Smithers at the exit interview has a special form just for Homer by this point.

But wait, how can Homer get this job?  Doesn’t he need to be, like, smart?  Well, Professor Frink overheard Homer’s concerns at Moe’s, and since he actually had some empathy proving he was human, he offers to help Homer through the online interview, a job Frink does a little too well since it A) got Homer the job which necessitates B) that Frink will have to keep helping Homer even though the Finnish work environment fits Homer perfectly, but C) a Dr. Spivak (guest star Amanda Seyfried), a much more qualified woman, didn’t get the job and swears revenge, starting with the fact that she somehow got a job as Homer’s assistant.

An assistant out to destroy Homer?  Take out the “assistant” part, and that should be very familiar to him by now.

The problem is Spivak is convinced (correctly, it turns out!) that Homer is a fraud, and she will stop at nothing to get Homer out of that job so she can have it.  Marge is too happy to be able to take a hot bath in the middle of the day because Homer’s new job provides daycare for Maggie, and Lenny and Carl won’t spill the beans on Homer’s ineptitude without a whole lot of booze.  Oh wait, Spivak has a lot of booze.  And she finds Frink’s earpiece.  And she can appeal to Marge’s sense of female solidarity to get Homer to admit the truth at a company ski retreat.  Plus, it looks like everyone else is a fraud too.

Too bad Homer accidentally slid backwards down the mountain on his skis, and mere seconds after his health insurance was canceled too.

Fortunately, Smithers had another form for when Homer returned.  The status quo remains.