April 24, 2024

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Monarch: Legacy Of Monsters “Axis Mundi”

Season One, Episode Nine

I never, for a moment, stopped to wonder why the Lee Shaw actor isn’t older than he should be because, well, Kurt Russell isn’t exactly a young man.  But yeah, that was something that got an explanation here.

If I were to hazard a guess, this here is the end of the “early story of Monarch” portion of the series as the show finally gets around to explaining how Shaw ended up in that nursing home as well as bringing Hiroshi back to the main story ever so briefly.  Heck, Shaw inadvertently allowed Kentaro’s parents to meet though I’m still not sure why Hiroshi had two families.  What I do know is there’s more to this Hollow Earth stuff than I thought.  Apparently back in the early 60s, Monarch thought to replace NASA as the premier exploration department of the U.S. Government by sending a team, including Lee, into one such hole after summoning a Titan to dig one, a plan that works too well.

Apparently, time works differently in there because Lee, and only Lee, managed to get back out again, but twenty years had passed, Bill Randa was dead, and Hirsohi is an adult.  Lee thinks he was gone maybe a couple hours.  From there, Monarch kept him drugged in that “retirement” home, a place he stayed until he saw Godzilla rampaging in Hawaii on a news story.

Yeah, that probably would wake anyone up.

Now, I’ve said before the human characters are the weakest aspects of this universe, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something worth seeing here, and that’s the Axis Mundi itself where Lee and May find themselves, and while it looks like a regular forest in many respects, it also shows lightning coming up out of the ground and large, multi-colored insects.  Oh, not the giant-sized variety.  More like large for regular insects.  It’s little touches like that that make a series like this more fun.

Also, there’s a large boar with trees and bushes growing out of its back in another location.

So, this is the penultimate episode for the season if not the series since Apple TV hasn’t renewed it yet even though it is the highest rated show on the service from the looks of things.  Is this all leading to something?

Honestly, I have no idea.  The problem here is the series works better telling the history of Monarch as an organization for the characters of Kentaro, Cate, and May to learn about.  Two-thirds of them have familial connections to Monarch, and May just kinda got sucked up into it, but the point stands that this series feels more like a sightseeing tour of the history and “current’ status of the Monsterverse.  I don’t think anything on display here will enhance my viewing experience for Monsterverse movies, but here we are.

I’m still looking forward to the finale.