April 24, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: The Amazing Spider-Man #92 (January, 1971)

Iceman tries to bring in Spider-Man! Where's Firestar?

Hey, Iceman!  One of Spider-Man’s Amazing Friends!

Try not to think about how Firestar, created for that show, was basically a cross between Mary-Jane and the Human Torch given the relationship Peter Parker has had with both of those characters.

Issue:  The Amazing Spider-Man #92, January 1971

Writer:  Stan Lee

Artist:  Gil Kane

Spider-Friend Going For It:  Jimmy Impossible

The Plot:  Spidey is a top suspect for the death of Captain Stacy.  Here comes Iceman to try and bring him in!

Commentary:  Sitting here in 2024, Iceman as a guest in Spider-Man’s book kinda makes sense in that the character was one of Spider-Man’s two Amazing Friends.  However, that was on an 80s cartoon, and this comic is over a decade older than that.  Why did Stan and Gil opt to pop him into this issue?  I dunno.  Maybe the Human Torch was too much of a cliche by then.

Anyway, Sam Bullit is still somehow a threat, running on his law and order platform, but even if Spidey figures the best way to draw suspicion away from himself as Peter Parker is to fake a kidnapping of Gwen, that just draws in Bobby Drake, who has to ditch a girl of his own to swing into action.

Yeah, Bobby with a girl…there’s something else that won’t be the same in 2024.

But then in comes a real hero:  J. Jonah Jameson!

Actually, it’s Robbie, but Jameson may have many faults, but one of his good traits is he doesn’t truck with bigots, and since Robbie saved the receipts over years of research into Bullit, that means Jonah is going to print all that.  And that comes after, apparently, Peter told Jonah and Robbie that Bullit’s guys roughed him up a bit.  When did Peter tell them?  I’m not sure.   That all leads to Bullit’s having Robbie  kidnapped, a rescue when Iceman and Spidey stop fighting long enough for Iceman to see what Spidey is really up to, and Bullit’s getting politically ruined at a swanky dinner.

There are probably plenty of cynical people who would wonder if exposure of racist beliefs in a public place would even hurt some politicians today.  Heck, it didn’t hurt some politicians in 1971.  Now I’m depressed.

Say, Spidey may have ruined Bullit, but he didn’t actually clear his own name, did he?

Grade:  A-