May 27, 2024

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Gen V “The Whole Truth”

Season One, Episode Four

So, something occurred to me this episode:  for all that the series is ostensibly about college life and the debauchery that may or may not go on there, all the nudity I have seen so far has been male.  Granted, that can possibly be played more for laughs since men can look funnier undressed, but even when the women are doing things that might imply some state of undress, the camera keeps things hidden.  I feel like the show should get some credit for that given which actors usually have to flash the camera.

Meanwhile, I think the series is trying to be more like the parent show, and it may be doing a better job of it, but I think I like Gen V best when it does its own thing.  Case in point:  the series brings in the Tek Knight as a popular investigative reporter with his own show, sent by Vought to pin Golden Boy’s death on, oh, anybody.  Comic book Tek Knight was basically Batman crossed with Iron Man, a billionaire with a cave lair that bought a suit of power armor to fight crime with.  Oh, and he had this odd proclivity.  This version is a supe with supersenses that allow him to find liars, but he still has that odd proclivity.

If you’re wondering what that proclivity is, if you know, you know.

Still, I think the dramatic elements on this show does tend to work better than the R- or X-rated comedy bits that the parent show uses, but then something else pops up that somehow also seems appropriate.  That would be when Marie inexplicable blacks out twice during the course of the episode, the second time during a fight scene when she, Jordan, Andre, Cate, and Emma tried to keep a rampaging Sam from killing a psychologist who may or may not have been hurting him in that facility.

Wait, superhumans are actually trying to save lives in this universe?  What a novel concept.

By the by, I didn’t know Emma could make herself bigger by gorging herself since she mostly does the opposite, but it makes sense and I thought it was a nice touch.  Plus, maybe letting Sam out was not the best idea possible.  He probably didn’t deserve to be locked up like that, even if he does appear to be more powerful than his late brother, but he also isn’t looking too mentally sound since he argues with actors on the television…plus one puppet.

Anyway, the Sam storyline is working, and Marie’s adjustment to God U is not going as she might have wanted it to, but now she’s blacking out.  And yes, it is probably appropriate that she blacked out in the middle of subduing Sam, but honestly…shouldn’t a woman who throws her blood around be blacking out more often?  You know, from blood loss?  I mean, I figure the series is looking into her being able to do things beyond making a creeper’s junk explode, but the idea that she maybe loses consciousness sometimes when she uses her powers strikes me as something that should happen, so I’m not getting overly concerned that it is.

At least, that’s how it seems to me.  As long as it doesn’t get, say, D+’s Moon Knight level bad where I feel like I am missing too much, I am not sure why this development is much of a mystery.