April 19, 2024

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The X-Files “My Struggle IV”

It all ends here. This time for sure.

Someone gave David Duchovny’s daughter a small role here where she gets to be a bit snarky to her dad.  I think I approve of all that.

The Case:  The End!

The Rest:  Well, this is the end of it all.  This time for sure.  Not long after this episode first aired, Gillian Anderson basically said she wouldn’t make any more returns to the series while David Duchovny and Chris Carter both said there’s no X-Files without Anderson.  I’m actually inclined to agree.  There were a couple Scully-free episodes here and there, but she stuck around after Duchovny left after all.

But what am I to make of this final, final episode?  Kersh wants the X-Files shut down, so it’s like any number of other season finales.  Skinner, disobeying orders to bring the pair in, instead helps them, an act that sees him put a bullet in Monica Reyes’s head while she’s working with the Smoking Man (again, why?) before Skinner himself seems to be killed by being crushed between two cars (boo!).  William, acting as the narrator, is on the run, he tricks a whole lot of people, can apparently make people explode, and Mulder thinks this boy needs protection.

Then again, Mulder believed he could fight the government’s evil ways by being an FBI agent, so he maybe doesn’t think these things through.  And I’d say Reyes’s actions in the revival seasons were some sort of character assassination, but I’m not sure she ever had much of a character to assassinate.

Then again, I also wasn’t entirely sure why Joel McHale was brought in.

But the Smoking Man dies again, and the series ends with William popping up out of the water OK while Scully lets Mulder know she’s pregnant again, and this time he really is the father.

So, I have been through the entire run of The X-Files, save that one baseball-themed episode that Hulu wouldn’t let me play for some reason.  How was the experience?

A little underwhelming.  To be clear, the series did have some still legitimately good episodes, but a number of the episodes I remembered weren’t quite as good on the rewatch.  They were “good” when I was expecting “great.”  I did find, as I said many times, that Scully was a far more interesting character this time around.  I think I appreciated more of what she brought to the table.  Mulder, especially early on, seemed like he was more of an asshole than the cool guy I remembered.  It’s amazing what age can sometimes put into perspective.  Mulder did improve over time, and the way he sometimes played off his own rep could be quite fun especially given Duchovny’s deadpan deliver style.  I still liked the show very much, but not as much as I wanted to.  There’s some really good and really twisty episodes on display here, and while Chris Carter’s writing was generally a bit below the standard of some of the other folks in the writer’s room, it was still fun to see things like Vince Gilligan’s scripts get better, the occasional experimental episode, and some really creative monsters-of-the-week.

As for the conspiracy stuff, it made more sense this time, but it still was kinda weak, especially since they rebooted it a couple times.

Now, I do seem to vaguely recall that Ryan Coogler of all people was looking to maybe reboot the series for a more 21st century audience.  That could work.  One thing I noticed about The X-Files is it is very much a product of its time.  The original run, it was said, probably couldn’t have run without the characters’ having cell phones, and the conspiracies were very much a product of the 90s.  This is 2024.  There’s a whole different sort of conspiracy theory that’s popular now in the wake of 9/11, the COVID pandemic, and the 2020 election.  We arguably had a conspiracy theorist in the White House.  What would a new version look like?  I don’t know, but as much as something like that could be good, I also have my doubts that it would last very long.

8.5 out of 10 effective theme songs for the run as a whole.  There’s a lot of good there, but enough weaker stuff to pull the grade down.

But wait, now what?  I need something for noon!  Well…this is Gabbing Geek, why not some Star Wars?

There are lots of Star Wars cartoons out there.  I think I’ll stick to the “official” ones from Dave Filoni.