April 19, 2024

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True Detective: Night Country “Part 4”

Season Four, Episode Four

Wait…is that daylight?  I guess the eternal night is over, just in time for Christmas.

I was wondering last episode if the weird stuff Navarro was seeing was supernatural or mental illness.  I am leaning more and more towards mental illness.  Likewise, the mines keep coming up, so some sort of chemical poisoning that is making people hallucinate and act crazy is also possible.  Just because Navarro is seeing ghosts doesn’t mean that they are actual ghosts there.  Besides, this is the sort of setting that might suggest you’d have to be at least a little mentally unsteady to live there, at least as far as the show is concerned.  Watching Hank Prior go to pick up his Russian mail order bride, and then discovering she didn’t make the flight, seems to be the sort of thing that should happen in a setting like this.

That his son’s question of whether or not the older Prior sent this woman any money remains unanswered also says a lot.

Much of this season seems to also be pointing towards the fact Liz and Navarro are both, in their own way, damaged people haunted by death.  This episode reveals Liz was transferred to this town by her sometime lover Connelly because, while she may not have been the best cop to begin with in large part because she didn’t really get along with other people, she got worse when she lost a child.  That probably explains, just through implication, why Liz is so overly protective of Leah.  Meanwhile, Navarro’s sister goes for a walk along the ice just like the dead men all appeared to do so, and she’s already been running around ragged just trying to keep said sister alive.

I just don’t think, even with the one-eyed polar bear hanging around, that there’s a supernatural anything going on.  There’s a lot happening, true, maybe too much for a six episode season that can’t possibly cover all this material, but there’s nothing here that I think beyond a doubt is supernatural.  I suppose there still could be some, but that would be out of character, so to speak, for this series.

But I did mention the many storylines running through the season, and I am actually starting to think they can all add up to something in the end.  In the past, True Detective always worked best when it focused on two characters.  Other characters could exist, but the main focus was always on the main two detectives.  This time around, it does seem as if the story is about the town and the area as much as it is the two detectives at the center of it all investigating the crime.  But this time?  Well, the mine, the lab, the town, and hell, the unending night are all important characters, so to speak.

So, maybe all these side plots will add to something, even if its just to enhance the flavor of the story and then show how all that just adds to the tragedy of this story.  Or it might all add up to nothing.  I’ll find out in two more episodes.