March 2, 2024

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Monarch: Legacy Of Monsters “Birthright”

Season One, Episode Eight

OK, I know what’s going on.  Mostly.

On the one hand, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is a fun show.  Who doesn’t like a fun show about the people who keep an eye on giant monsters?  “Monarch” as an organization may be the least explored idea in the Monsterverse.  It exists as something akin to the MCU’s S.H.I.E.L.D., but it isn’t quite the same thing.  There’s a lot of talk about Monarch going wrong, but as near as I can make out, that seems to mostly be about how Monarch doesn’t tell ordinary people about monsters and possible monster attacks.

Or they wanted to make monsters into weapons or something.

Still, as I have noted before, the weakness to any Monsterverse movie, or any of the Toho movies that inspired it, are the ordinary humans that take up so much of the runtime.  I don’t think too many people watch Godzilla movies for the humans.  They watch for Godzilla.  But here, there’s a chance to look into the world that is the Monsterverse, to show how these Titans, many of which were created for the universe if not the show itself, and maybe iron out what exactly Monarch does.

And I may not be sure what Monarch is doing, but I know what Shaw is doing.  Keiko Miura fell down a hole in an abandoned nuclear plant in the first episode.  I figured there might be a chance the following episode would show young Shaw and Bill Randa pulling her out of there, but no.  She’s dead.  Bill Randa had already adopted her young son Hiroshi, and Shaw, also smitted with Keiko, figured out two things.  For one, he thinks Godzilla is basically there to keep Titans from coming to the surface because there’s some kind of Hollow Earth thing going on that allows the big guy to pop up wherever he needs to.  Shaw believes that Godzilla is not a mindless beast but an intelligent creature.  For another, he likewise thinks Godzilla’s basic purpose is to keep the two worlds separate.

That would be why Shaw is blowing up the different portals to this Hollow Earth:  he’s trying to keep the two worlds separate and basically do Godzilla a favor.

OK, interesting theory.  I do have an observation or two of my own to make.  First off, I think it’s been somewhat established that Godzilla is basically the Alpha Dog of the Titans and there are plenty of Titans on Earth, but as long as Godzilla is there, they more or less behave themselves.  When a Titan gets out of line, then Godzilla steps in.  Granted, depending on the timeline, Shaw might not know that yet.

Second:  Shaw was not a scientist.  He still isn’t.  What does he have that might suggest he’s right?

You know what?  There was a monster attack on the powerplant, one that ended with Shaw, Cate, and May falling down the hole.  I somehow doubt the show killed them all off.