July 21, 2024

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Gen V “#ThinkBrink”

Season One, Episode Three

I would have thought Jordan would have been really angry with Marie for throwing them under the bus, but they did settle things up fairly quickly.

Yeah, no violence between Jordan and Marie.  Cate actually was more angry at Marie than Jordan was, and even then, a quick conversation between the three of them more or less clears things up.  Cate has her own horrifying story for when her powers kicked in, and Jordan has a different sort of parental issues.  Said issues are a father that doesn’t accept that his child can swap genders at will.  Jordan’s dad even says he wouldn’t have an issue with a trans child, but one that can be either?  He seems to be more of a “pick one and move on” even if does prefer a son.  Or maybe Jordan was a son until their powers kicked in.  It may not matter.  That’s actually the sort of concept that a universe like this one can and should explore.

Factor in as well the episode has some gruesome moments of The Boys-style violence, with Sam Riordan in a flashback putting his fist into a man’s gut so hard Sam’s fist comes out of his mouth while Emma kills a guy by running into one ear and out the other.  The difference is I am starting to get the impression that the over-the-top violence the parent series plays for gruesome laughs is here more of a moment of pure horror.  I think that’s a better fit for this show.  Gen V can still go for the edge-lord style humor, but the central idea here may be it is better to show how messed up the lives of these characters actually are.

That, more than anything else, is what seems to be creating a bond between Cate, Jordan, and Marie.  They all have to live with the idea that each of their parents at some point in the past dosed them with Compound V to give their children superpowers whether said kid wanted it or not.  In this universe, getting superpowers is more about fame than helping others, and when Emma’s mom is proposing a reality show with a producer to address Emma’s eating disorder (a necessary thing for her shrinking powers to work), that’s basically what these parents did, and Emma’s mother is one of the nice ones.  Jordan’s father can’t really square his child’s powers right.  Marie’s are dead.  Cate’s won’t touch her.  And someone thought locking Sam up in a secret lab was a good idea.

Actually, maybe it was.  Sam sure does seem a bit violent.

Of course, even if none of these young supes wanted to be, well, that, that doesn’t mean there aren’t others willing to exploit them or that they don’t also do what they can to pursue fame.  Heck, Emma already had a good deal of that as a YouTube personality.  At the same time, none of these kids wanted the sort of fame they’re getting for the reasons they are getting it.  It may be one thing to host a prank channel or be an influencer on social media.  It’s something else to pretend you save lives when you’re really just making a lot of money for someone else.  That’s probably the best area for Gen V to really poke around.