February 26, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #16-17 (June-July, 2023)

Batman, Superman, and their friends and allies need to contend with Newmazo.

You know what?  I’m behind on this series, I really like it, and I’m gonna review two to try and catch up a little.

Once again, I blame Knight Terrors.

Issue:  Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #16-17, June-July 2023

Writer:  Mark Waid

Artist:  Dan Mora

The Plot:  Batman and Superman, captured by Newmazo, have the bad guy right where they want him.

Commentary:  Batman and Superman ended issue #15 captives of Newmazo, an updated version of Amazo built by Professor Ivo with wifi, and that leads to all kinds of problems.  Most notably, Newmazo has captured pretty much every big cybernetics expert on Earth, put shock collars on them, and set them to work building more drones.  That includes Ivo and an earlier Amazo.  The biggest one missing is T.O. Morrow, but that’s for a bit of doomsayin’.  How are the Man of Steel, shackled with enough kryptonite to keep him essentially powerless, and the very-human caped crusader going to get out of this?

This is a big problem, especially since Newmazo has effectively taken over all the AIs on Earth save Doc Magnus’s Metal Men, leading to robotic heroes, villains, and allies to turn on the rest of the world.  That includes Robotman for some reason even though he’s a human brain in a mechanical body.  Quite frankly, between this story and the Knight Terrors arc that showed he was somehow still wide awake during the attack for reasons even he didn’t understand, I think someone at DC has a lot of explaining to do about Cliff Steele right about now.

By the by, this being Mark Waid on the script with his encyclopedic knowledge of the DC Universe, there are a lot of robots out there ranging from the Red Tornado to the various robots in the Fortress of Solitude to Ultivac.  It also means a lot of guest stars in this quasi-Silver Age setting, a helpful thing to deal with an army of robots gone nuts.

But then there’s the problem of Newmazo being another Amazo, and he can swipe superpowers along with everything else.

Considering this story started off as something of a murder mystery where Simon Stagg appeared dead (he was fine), Metamorpho and Bruce Wayne were both top suspects, and I would say it looked like the scales started off small.  But then they got bigger in a fun and glorious way, ending on a more lowkey note as Metamopho thanks the World’s Finest duo for clearing his name while Jimmy Olsen frets that Bruce Wayne might want retribution for breaking the news that Bruce was a murder suspect, not knowing Bruce Wayne in the Batman cowl was standing nearby and assuring him he has nothing to worry about.

This really is a fun series.  Good story, good art, and I have a good time.

Grade:  A