March 3, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Knight Terrors #3 (August, 2023)

Two dead men and a Robin come closer to finding the Nightmare Stone.

OK, I took some time off from those Knight Terrors reviews to cover some other titles, but I suppose I should really get back to that series now.

I mean, I don’t hate it.

Issue:  Knight Terrors #3, August 2023

Writer:  Joshua Williamson

Artists:  Guiseppe Camuncoli, Caspar Wijngaard, and Stefano Nesi

The Plot:  Wesley Dodds and Boston Brand get some help as they continue to track down the Nightmare Stone.

Commentary:  So, just to make one thing very clear:  I don’t hate Knight Terrors.  As summer events go, it’s actually not bad.  I don’t expect much in the realm of earth-shattering revelations or character developments.  I just want a good horror/superhero story involving nightmares, and most of the special two-parters have at least tried to deliver on those.  My problem is there’s just so damn many of these issues that it made me delay reading other series I really like since I generally don’t read a new issue of something until I review the last one.  That means when there’s a lot of something (like Knight Terrors), I tend not to catch up on other things.  There have been a couple series where I basically decided to read ahead anyway, and that’s fine.  It means when I review those stories–Superman: LostDanger Street, and Peacemaker Tries Hard!–I end up reviewing multiple issues at once.  But then there are other series where I kinda wanna get back to ’em, but Knight Terrors is still there, and I only do four of these a week, plus one Amazing Spider-Man.

So, with that in mind, how was this issue?  Like a lot of Knight Terrors, it’s pretty fun.  Yes, there are some issues to be resolved, to be sure.  I am still not certain whether Insomnia’s powers are magical or science-based.  The magical seems like the best explanation, but it doesn’t explain why the Atlanteans are immune to Insomnia’s powers since those come with a scientific explanation for how Aquaman and Co’s ears work.  Plus, when characters are awake, there seems to be an inconsistent number of demons and things in the waking world, and that includes within the books written by Joshua Williamson.  You’d think his own work would be more consistent.

But this is a summertime event.  Those rarely matter in the long run.  Here, there are some hints about why Insomnia really hates the Justice League, Deadman deals with his own personal trauma, and Damien Wayne is inexplicably awake because of course that little punk is.  Do I know why Wesley Dodds’s zombie corpse is walking around?  Nope, but he’s helping the heroes.  All I know is, this is a nice, brisk issue that parcels out plot points at about the right pace while making it clear that staying awake during this whole mess won’t save you from a monster attack.

So, all things being equal, this is a pretty decent summer event.

I hope it doesn’t fall apart in the end.

Grade:  B+