March 2, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: X-Men #12 (September, 2020)

The Summoner tells Apocalypse a story.

I considered trying to do another DC book for this slot since I did those three JSA tie-in stories for the beginning of the week.  But I couldn’t decide which one and instead just figured I should cover this Jonathan Hickman-penned X-Men comic while I had the chance.  I mean, I may want to read more of this series and probably won’t until I review this…three-and-a-half year old issue?

Eh, I review decades-old Spider-Man stories for Fridays.

Issue:  X-Men #12, September 2020

Writer:  Jonathan Hickman

Artist:  Leinil Francis Yu

The Plot:  Apocalypse wants some information from Summoner.  A story follows of ancient times.

Commentary:  While this X-Men series seems to be more concept than ongoing plot for the most part, the Summoner was something dropped in a previous issue, and he’s back here.  Originally from the island of Arakko, a splintered off piece of Krakoa, Summoner is very old or very knowledgeable or both while possessing the ability to call forth all manner of creatures to his aid.  Cyclops found him on Arakko and invited him back to Krakoa, and now Apocalypse has some questions for him.

Essentially, Apocalypse wants information on ancient mutants as he has been around for a while and used to have a wife there.  They did some warlordin’, specifically in contact with Okkara…you know, “Arakko” spelled backwards.  That’s one of those otherworldly places and all and…this issue is a lot of high concept stuff for background purposes to set up a storyline involving a history of Krakoa from thousands of years ago when there apparently were mutant armies and high civilization.

Except, aside from Apocalypse (who is a minor presence in the story all-told), I don’t recognize any of these characters.  I probably shouldn’t since they’re new and all, but the point stands:  this issue feels like it’s talking about something other than the Marvel Universe’s history.  How long have mutants been around in large numbers?  I thought the idea was they were usually rare.  I just spent most of this issue wondering who these people were and why I should care.  I mean, I know all mutants are welcome on Krakoa and all, but this is still Apocalypse, and he’s still a bad guy in my mind.  And heck, he’s not even really involved in these events, but he’s up to something that probably won’t be good for anybody.

Oh yeah, this issue was to set up the X of Swords storyline or something.

Grade:  C