July 16, 2024

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The X-Files “Babylon”

Mulder and Scully split up to assist another pair of younger agents who both seem kinda familiar.

For reasons unknown, this episode introduces Robbie Amell as Agent Miller and Lauren Ambrose as Agent Einstein.  There’s a part of me that suspects that they were maybe set up to be younger replacements for Mulder and Scully.  Amell’s got a nice TV career going these days, and that was taking off about that time.  Ambrose was part of the stellar cast of Six Feet Under and currently has a really nice role on Yellowjackets.  They even look vaguely like Mulder and Scully.

They don’t quite work out that way.

The Case:  Speaking With The (Almost) Dead!

The Rest:  So, here’s Miller and Einstein.  He’s a believer in the weird.  She’s a medical doctor and skeptic.  Could they in some way be the replacements for the aging Mulder and Scully?

Honestly, not really.  Both of them are, theoretically, more extreme in their ways that the more seasoned agents.  What I can say is they don’t spend much time together in this episode.  Miller and Scully work together to try to communicate with a comatose terrorist suspect, but they’re using one of Scully’s methods, so it’s scientific and she contacted him.  Mulder, meanwhile, thinks of a way that involves magic mushrooms or something and, with Scully gone, he asks Einstein to get the stuff for him.

Oddly enough, both Scully and Mulder’s respective methods, working together, provide the answers the FBI needs to find the other suicide bombers.  Plus, it seems odd to me sitting in 2024 (as it did back in 2016) that it took this show this long to bring out Islamic extremists.  I mean, that wasn’t a common thing on TV before 2001, but it sure was after (thanks, 24).  As a result, it seems weird that a show about FBI agents took ten seasons to get to this idea.

But as far as Miller and Einstein go, he’s kinda just there, and she seems more annoyed than anything else.

However, the episode may not be the best of the season (there’s no were-lizard), it may have the single greatest scene of the revival:  Mulder tripping balls.  After taking the pills, he starts to hallucinate, seeing himself in a honkytonk bar where he impresses everyone with his line dancing skills before joining Skinner and the Lone Gunmen at a table for some laughs.  I remember watching this and not recognizing the Gunmen right away.  I mean, they are all older and all, but they aren’t in the episode outside of this weird dream sequence sort of thing, and they don’t even have any lines.

But then the whole dream gets darker when the Smoking Man is beating Mulder on what looks like the ferry across the River Styx.

Bottom line:  as an episode to introduce an alternate Mulder and Scully, it isn’t so good.  As an X-Files episode, it’s kinda decent but it is also a step back from what had been happening up until this point (it was written by Chris Carter who was, again in my opinion, the weakest writer on the show’s staff).  But hey, gimme more of Mulder tripping and then asking a very real and pissed off Skinner where his cowboy hat went, and I could maybe get into all this.

Then again, there’s no real explanation for the trumpets thing.  That’s why I decided not to mention it until here.

Up next, probably the worst episode in the entire run of the series.