July 18, 2024

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Going Through Avatar: The Last Airbender Part Twelve

Jimmy and Tom talk more Last Airbender with the episodes "Return to Omashu" and "The Swamp."

Jimmy has discovered he really likes all things The Last Airbender with one noteworthy exception (a certain live action movie).  Will he bounce back from that disappointment and enjoy the original show more?  He and Tom discussed the episodes “Return to Omashu” and “The Swamp” regardless.

“Return to Omashu”

While Aang works to save Bumi from the Fire Nation, Azula gains some allies of her own.

jimmy:  My friends always find it hilarious when I catch their safety net on fire.

tomk:  You have a lot of acrobatic friends?

jimmy:  A lot?  No.

tomk:  Any?

jimmy:  Any?  No.

tomk:  Then why do they have safety nets?

jimmy:  Always good to have a safety net.

tomk:  That’s true. And what about keeping exotic animals from getting loose?

jimmy:  I don’t mess with those.

tomk:  Even if they have another platypus bear?

jimmy:  Those things freak me out.

tomk:  So you don’t want this omelette?

jimmy:  What’s it made of?

tomk:  Um…not platypus bear egg.

jimmy:  Ok. I’ll have it.

tomk:  That guy over there has it.

jimmy:  He looks like he’s from the Fire Nation.

tomk:  That or someone with a steady cocaine supply.

jimmy:  True. Still probably nicer than Azula’s friends.

tomk:  Ty-Lee seems very nice.

jimmy:  That the acrobat?

tomk:  Yes. Mai is the other one.

jimmy:  She’s not so nice.

tomk:  It’s like Azula’s friends are the opposite of each other.

jimmy:  But they both pitched in to fight.

tomk:  Against those water tribe terrorists?

jimmy:  That sounds like Fire Nation propaganda.

tomk:  Like how you feel about Manitoba?

jimmy:  No, much worse.

tomk:  Oh. How you feel about Watson.

jimmy:  Closer.

tomk:  How you feel about cabbage?

jimmy:  Watson is worse.

tomk:  I see…what were we talking about again?

jimmy:  The Fire Nation being a bunch of jerks.

tomk:  Oh.  Of course. Even the toddlers.

jimmy:  Especially the toddlers.

But especially not the toddlers.

tomk:  I don’t even trust the dead ones like Avatar Roku.

jimmy:  What about Avatar Chromecast?

tomk:  He’s all over the Alphabet.

jimmy:  I see.

tomk:  And Iroh and Zuko both seem to be disowned, but they aren’t in this episode.

jimmy:  They were there. Behind the hay bale.

tomk:  That’s Nick Fury’s hiding place. And there weren’t any in Omashu.

jimmy:  Maybe they were hiding.

tomk:  Where?  Inside Bumi’s throneroom?

jimmy:  If I knew where, they wouldn’t be doing a very good job of hiding.

tomk:  If they were hiding.

jimmy:  We’ll never know.

tomk:  You are being all mysterious now. That’s a good look for you.


tomk:  Or you’re just another Bumi where you do stuff without explaining why to people.

jimmy:  I do lots of stuff like that.

tomk:  Like control stone with your eyebrows?

jimmy:  That I can’t do.

tomk:  Have you tried?

jimmy:  Today?

tomk:  Any day.

jimmy:  No. I generally don’t have super powers.

tomk:  Only generally?  So sometimes you do?

jimmy:  Not yet. But there’s still time.

tomk:  Get on it.  The King of Newfoundland probably needs your help after the French Canadians invaded.

jimmy:  We have a King now?

tomk:  You don’t?

jimmy:  Not last I checked.

tomk:  Then who’s that asshole with the crown in your front yard?

jimmy:  It’s not Bumi.

tomk:  Obviously.

jimmy:  That guy is crazy…like a platapus bear.

tomk:  He lays eggs?

jimmy:  God, I hope not.

tomk:  His giant rabbit does?

jimmy:  No one else needs to be laying any eggs.

tomk:  What about the giant chicken?

jimmy:  Especially the giant chicken.

tomk:  But Bumi did what he did for a good reason.

jimmy:  He just wanted to chill.

tomk:  And Aang did successfully evacuate the city.

jimmy:  More like Sokka did.  MVP?

tomk:  Well, you can have your own MVP.  I still think there’s a better candidate coming along very soon.

jimmy:  I can’t pick one that I don’t know exists.

tomk:  That is true. Help yourself to this raspberry danish.

jimmy:  Don’t mind if I do.

tomk:  So Aang still doesn’t have an earthbending teacher.

jimmy:  There must be another one out there somewhere.

tomk:  Of course there is. There might even be a glimpse of one in the next episode.

jimmy:  Just a glimpse?

tomk:  Just a glimpse.

That’s what happens when you wander into the wrong swamp.

jimmy:  I hate when that happens.

tomk:  I told you to find a different route to work.

jimmy:  I didn’t listen.

tomk:  Well, you should when it comes to that swamp.

jimmy:  Something not good about it?

tomk:  You get glimpses of things. Sometimes things you should never see.

jimmy:  Like Watson changing after intramural basketball?


Jimmy, do you have something you want to confess?

jimmy:  The whale was replaced in my nightmares.

tomk:  That’s…horrifying, Jimmy.

jimmy:  How do you think I feel?!?!

tomk:  Blind?

jimmy:  It wouldn’t matter. It’s seared into my brain.

tomk:  Well, I do have this experimental Men in Black neuralizer.

jimmy:  It’s worth the risk.

tomk:  As long as you don’t erase too many memories.  I’d hate to start these chats all over again with Batman: The Animated Series.

jimmy:  I could watch those again.

tomk:  Sure, nothing’s stopping you.  But that’s a lot of cartoons just to get back to this episode here where Aang and Azula both show the power of friendship.

jimmy:  And the power of water bending in a sewer.

tomk:  Will not work for Sokka.

jimmy:  He can’t water bend.

tomk:  Nope.  He just gets hit in the face with sewer water.

jimmy:  And baby octopi.

tomk:  Those were convenient for later.

jimmy:  For pretending you have the coco pox.

tomk:  The Fire Nation education system has a lot to answer for.

jimmy:  But that guy’s cousin had it.

tomk:  He might have caught it from a source he preferred not to mention.

jimmy:  Worse than a sewer?

tomk:  Well…it might have been a sketchy prostitute.

jimmy:  Potato, potato.

tomk:  Alright, so, to review:  Aang didn’t have to save Bumi, Sokka did need to get a fake plague, and Azula actually has friends:  an acrobat and a knife-tosser.

jimmy:  That just about covers it.

tomk:  So, next episode then?

jimmy:  Indeed.

tomk:  Get your hiphuggers ready then. We’re going to a swamp.

“The Swamp”

While Appa and Momo have their own problems, the rest of the Aang Gang experiences strange sights while lost in a swamp.

jimmy:  The swamp was a creepy place.

tomk:  Especially when that giant-sized man-thing showed up.

jimmy:  And burned everything it touched.

tomk:  Just whatever knew fear.

jimmy:  So not Daredevil.

tomk:  But maybe the face thief.

jimmy:  And certainly the Aang Gang.

tomk:  And maybe Jimmy and his pals.

jimmy:  There’s lots to fear.

tomk:  You probably saw it coming, jumped on the Moose’s back, yelled “Yip yip!” and got tossed off as the Moose ran away because he’s a moose and not a horse.  Then the Beaver laughed at you like the vision Aang was having.

jimmy:  You were there?

tomk:  I made some educated guesses.

jimmy:  It certainly was hallucinogenic swamp gas.

tomk:  It was?

jimmy:  Typo. Wasn’t.

tomk:  That’s how most X-Files episodes actually go.

jimmy:  Typos?

tomk:  Swamp gas.

Much better than swamp grass.

jimmy:  These guys may know a thing or two about swamp grass.

tomk:  What?  Those redneck waterbenders?

jimmy:  Yeah, those guys.

tomk:  They had their eyes set on a bigger prize:  bison burgers.

jimmy:  Since they couldn’t eat that mustached crocodile.

tomk:  Everything tasted like chicken anyway.

jimmy:  Even the giant bugs?

tomk:  Especially the giant bugs.

jimmy:  They still looked gross.

tomk:  You’ve been snacking on them for this entire chat.

jimmy:  I was hungry.

tomk:  You’re still eating them.

jimmy:  I’m still hungry.

tomk:  But I got a pizza.

jimmy:  I’ll help.

tomk:  Help with what?  You know how to get out of the swamp?

jimmy:  I can help with the pizza. I’d be useless in the swamp.

tomk:  You might see a vision of a loved one. Like the previous pizza.

jimmy:  Or a future delicious pizza.

tomk:  That’s only for the Avatar to see a possible MVP.

jimmy:  A mozzarella vegetable pizza?

tomk:  You have some strange MVPs.

jimmy:  You brought up pizza.

tomk:  You brought up visions of the future.

jimmy:  I guess we’re both to blame.

tomk:  You also kept asking about the MVP.

jimmy:  I don’t think I did.

tomk:  Well, not for this chat. Anyway, that girl is my pick for MVP.

jimmy:  I guess time will tell.

tomk:  Yes.

jimmy:  And none of the Aang gang got eaten.

tomk:  This time.

jimmy:  This time?

tomk:  Can’t be too careful.

jimmy:  There are some strange animals on that world.

tomk:  Like a jackalope?

jimmy:  For sure.

tomk:  Those guys are notorious assholes.

jimmy:  Is that a construction site safety video?

tomk:  No, it’s a video from America’s Funniest People where audience members made videos and sent them in.

jimmy:  Explains a lot.

tomk:  That show was cohosted by a pre-Harley Quinn Arlene Sorkin if I remember right.

jimmy:  Really?!?!

tomk:  Let me check…

Sure looks like her.

jimmy:  Huh.

tomk:  That was the show that aired after America’s Funniest Home Videos and was possibly where I first encountered Sorkin. Sorkin, naturally, had nothing to do with The Last Airbender…unless she voiced Zuko’s mother.

jimmy:  Or Katara’s.

tomk:  Zuko’s mother might still be alive

jimmy:  But we haven’t heard either speak.

tomk:  You don’t hear mothers with your ears, Jimmy. You hear them with your heart.

jimmy:  Or my mother would say you don’t listen to them at all.

tomk:  Mama Impossible is a wise woman. She taught me earthbending.

jimmy:  Maybe she can teach Aang.

tomk:  She said she wasn’t wasting more time with some kid if she couldn’t get her own son to pay attention.

jimmy:  I’ve ruined it for everyone.

tomk:  You’ll have to make it up later.

jimmy:  I’ll try.   Aang’s gotta learn from someone.

tomk:  That may be for later.

jimmy:  It’s a long season.

tomk:  Maybe he’ll learn from the jackalope.

jimmy:  He knows earthbending?

tomk:  Who knows?

jimmy:  You?

tomk:  I know many things, but I don’t know everything. I mean, the Jackalope might be a master video editor producing techno songs from unlikely sources.

jimmy:  How do you find these things?

tomk:  Internet bending?

jimmy:  Impressive.  Most impressive.

tomk:  Much better than other clips.

jimmy:  I’m sure you’ll share them too.

tomk:  You don’t wanna see the stuff I don’t share.

jimmy:  Probably true.

tomk:  But you decided to watch the live action movie on your own.

jimmy:  I was curious.

tomk:  And see where that got you.  I suppose now you want to hear James Hong’s voice again and see Avatar Day.

jimmy:  Who wouldn’t?

tomk:  Well, good.  That means you’re ready for the next episode because that sort of stuff will happen.

jimmy:  Avatar Day. Are the stores closed?

tomk:  I dunno.  It’s more of a regional celebration.

jimmy:  What region?

tomk:  Well, one village.

jimmy:  Everything starts somewhere.

tomk:  I don’t think this one will be going much further.

jimmy:  Only one way to find out.

tomk:  Ask someone who has seen the show before or check Wikipedia?

jimmy:  Or watch the show?

tomk:  You’ll probably like that much better.

jimmy:  Indeed.

tomk:  Shall we then?

jimmy:  We shall.

NEXT TIME:  Tom and Jimmy are really having fun now.  Be back soon when they discuss the episodes “Avatar Day” and “The Blind Bandit.”