July 18, 2024

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Barry “Chapter Four: Commit to…YOU”

Season One, Episode Four

Barry has another fantasy daydream about life with Sally, and somehow, he’s friends with actor Jon Hamm.  I am somewhat surprised Barry knows who John Hamm is, but as for the dialogue Hamm has…he’s always struck me as a hell of a good sport.

Barry is, of course, damaged goods.  He has been for a while.  Fuches is the closest he has to a friend, so when Sally helps him set up a Facebook account, he needs some friends.  He doesn’t really have any outside of the world of crime, but he did have a buddy in the Marine Corps.

Inviting that guy to a random party is maybe not a good idea.

However, I think this episode helps to highlight how stunted Barry is emotionally.  He thinks after sleeping with Sally that she’s now his girlfriend, and he decides to buy her a new laptop to replace her broken one as a nice gesture.  On one level, that is a nice gesture.  On another…it is way too early for that sort of thing, especially since Sally sees what happened as more of a casual thing and not a commitment.  I suppose it’s possible Barry has never had a relationship with a woman before.  I’d even go so far as to say it’s likely.

What’s even more likely is he’s never really stopped to get anything for himself or thought deeply about what he wants out of life, things that Gene tells him he needs to be a good actor, but so far, Barry doesn’t seem capable of telling anyone “no” or deciding what he really wants out of life beyond taking Gene’s class.  He’s just so accommodating.  Given what he does for a living, that sure does seem unlikely.  I mean, how can a killer be a guy who just wants to make things easier for people all the time?  But then again, would Barry be where he was if he wasn’t?  He may be good at violence, but is he at all good with determining what he wants out of life or anything along those lines?

My guess is no.  Barry became, well, a hitman probably because Fuches asked him to or something along those lines.  About the closes Barry can come to saying no is to refuse to do a one-man operation on a stash house, something he thinks is beyond his skills.  But Fuches, he has a way of showing up and insisting.  Barry will probably do it.

And he’s taking some violent knucklehead along for the ride after he blew it with, well, just about everybody in his acting class at a party.

Now, if Barry can get the knucklehead to somehow take the fall for him when the police maybe catch up…