July 16, 2024

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The X-Files “The Truth Part 2”

Mulder finds the truth. I think.

So it all came down to this.  You know, until 13 years later.

The Case:  Mulder Convicted!

The Rest:  I had heard that, all things being equal, The X-Files had a decent final episode that wrapped things up and gave Mulder and Scully a nice ride off into the sunset.  I suppose that’s true.  Mulder’s trial does see him convicted despite evidence from Doggett, Reyes, and Gibson Praise, to say nothing of the fact Scully shows up with proof that the “body” of Knowle Rohrer is, in fact, not him and didn’t even die the way the official report says he did.  Mulder gets convicted and sentenced to death in a trial that I am not even sure is even remotely legal, but Skinner and Doggett break him out with unexpected help from a repentant Kersh.  The X-Files office itself is shut down, and Mulder is still seeing dead people, this time the Lone Gunmen, so at least he saw actual friends this time even if their advice isn’t much better.

And who is the man behind the curtain?  It’s the Smoking Man.  He’ll die again by episode’s end, but he also pops up in the revival seasons.

In many ways, Mulder’s trial feels like a mild waste of time.  His conviction is a foregone conclusion.  Bringing back Gibson only accomplishes telling the characters the Toothpick Man isn’t human, but it doesn’t do much else.  Mulder may find the truth, but he does nothing to stop the imminent alien invasion set for the end of the Mayan calendar.  Doggett and Reyes manage to evade Rohrer long enough for him to get pulled apart by that magnetic metal, but that just means there’s no way to prove Rohrer was still alive to clear Mulder’s name.  Heck, Kersh’s help only means the Toothpick Man is in charge of that part of the FBI.  What was it all for?

Well, for most of this finale, it was like most X-Files conspiracy episodes.  I don’t think it matters much.  True, I think Chris Carter tried to put something of a bow on it.  What made the finale work is the final scene.  Mulder and Scully in a motel room.  They’re both on the run.  They have a deadline to stop something big.  Mulder says something about wondering whether the dead can offer advice to the living, somewhat explaining what the Gunmen and the others were doing in this episode, and then he admits that, well, he has hope for the first time.  Mulder and Scully may not have much, but they have each other if nothing else.  I may not buy them as a romantic couple, but I can buy them as partners.

And somehow, they’ll both be back at the FBI when they appear next time.  I will need a really good explanation for that though I doubt I will get one.

Up next, the movie I didn’t see before.