July 18, 2024

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The X-Files “Jump The Shark”

The Lone Gunmen go to their last round-up.

So, the Lone Gunmen briefly had their own spin-off series.  It didn’t get a second season.  Vince Gilligan was among the people responsible for that show, and he co-wrote this episode that is basically the finale the Lone Gunmen’s series never got.

Oh, and Michael McKean’s former Man in Black Morris Fletcher is back.

The Case: Super-Virus!

The Rest:  When the Lone Gunmen had a show of their, I did watch a number of episodes.  It was…fine.  I vaguely remember all the new characters brought in like dimbulb rich guy Jimmy Bond and the sexy superspy hacker Yves Harlow.  They’re here with what is basically the Gunmen on their last legs.  They sold off all their stuff to find the missing Yves, and here’s Morris Fletcher, there to tell Mulder and Scully Doggett and Reyes about how Yves is a Super-Soldier, the Gunmen are brought in to help find her, and it turns out what they’re really looking for is a super-virus designed to kill, well, almost everybody except (I’m guessing) a handful of rich assholes because it always comes down to a handful of rich assholes.

Rich assholes suck.  Worse than poor ones if you think about it.

For all that the episode is still The X-Files, Doggett and Reyes are kinda just hanging around.  Skinner and Scully only pop up at the end of the Gunmen’s funeral after they willingly sacrifice their lives to contain the virus, Skinner having pulled some strings to get them buried in Arlington, and Scully with a few appropriate words while Fletcher suggests maybe Yves and Jimmy take up the Gunmen’s work, something that comes to nothing.

So, is this an appropriate end to the Lone Gunmen?  I’m not sure.  It seems kinda wrong to kill them off, and I’m not sure I like this manner of death.  I can’t say I am the only one.  A comic series, a purported series ten until the series revival made a real season ten, showed the Gunmen survived the virus somehow, and the revival show did a whole episode about how Langley kinda survived after his consciousness was uploaded to the cloud.

Rotten clouds…

But I will say this:  they couldn’t get Mulder back for this?  I know Duchovny had basically washed his hands of the show (sort of, more on that when I get to the appropriate episodes), but the Gunmen started off as Mulder’s weird friends and contacts, a fact the episode reminds the viewer of in the cold open, narrated by Fletcher, telling their whole backstory in case someone happened upon this show for the first time and had no idea who the series’s most popular reoccurring characters were.  Even just a message from Mulder might have been nice.  But nope, no sign of the guy.

Basically, this was a final Lone Gunmen episode disguised as an X-Files episode, and I have no current plans to cover the Gunmen’s series right this second.  I’m not even sure where to find it to be honest.  And the result is, kinda, whatever.

Up next, oh, now Duchovny comes back.