April 19, 2024

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Doom Patrol “Portal Patrol”

Season Four, Episode Eleven

I was wondering if Timothy Dalton would pop up again before the series ended, and hey, he did!

That guy just classed up this cheesy joint every time he appeared.

See, most of the Doom Patrol got flushed into the time stream.  Vic can keep everyone alive with his new cybernetic extensions, but they still need to find some kind of longevity to save Rita.  There are three portals leading to a source for longevity, and Vic can do an instant recall to get them back in what is for him an hour’s time.  Yes, he’ll need to somehow contact his pal Darius and a future version of himself to get the calculations to get them all back where and when they came from, but the point is, the others need to find that longevity to save Rita and even themselves.

To that end, it means Laura into one portal, Larry and Jane into another since she’s mad at Cliff again, and Cliff by himself through the third.  And yes, all they find is past versions of Niles Caulder.  Will these desperate people find what they need?

That’s the beauty of Doom Patrol: the superheroics is rarely what they need.  Sure, they may save the day, but it’s always been more about saving themselves, and not in an unnecessarily selfish manner.  These are, all of them with the possible exceptions of Vic and maybe Laura (and that’s doubtful),  damaged people, and the real key to this show may be if the various members of the Doom Patrol learn to be, well, happy.  Niles caused the accidents that made three of the four what they were, infected all of them with longevity, and so forth.  And with only one episode left, there isn’t much time for them to find the necessary healing.

It does look like half the time travelers get it.  Larry finds the previous Negative Spirit and learns his greatest fear–leaving baby Keeg alone–isn’t really a problem because the energy infant’s anxieties actually came from Larry, not from Keeg.  Larry wanted to finally be a good parent.  He maybe finally realized he already was one to Keeg.  Now maybe he can find some happiness for himself before he dies.

As for Jane, she always had the least adversarial relationship with the Chief, and as such, he gives her a much-needed therapy session to reveal where all the other alters went.  Basically, Jane had to admit what broke her.  It was something that the series had generally heavily implied, so it isn’t really a shock.  Heck, there’s a part of me that wondered whether this even came up before.  The important part was Jane had to admit it, and that brought the alters back, and Jane may be the healthiest of the crowd now.

Of course, those two both went to the late 90s.  What about Laura and Cliff?

Laura popped up in the Ant Farm circa 1949 and ended up beating herself unconscious while trying to tell her younger self to be better.  That didn’t work.

Cliff found himself in 1948 with a walking version of Caulder and Wiloughby Kipling, and it turned out Cliff was the reason the Chief lost the use of his legs…ironically after saving Niles’s life from some electric Nazis.  He could have easily taken the longevity necklace, but there was Kipling to point it was really low to take the one thing keeping a badly injured man alive.  Cliff’s reaction about why he always gets the morally hard decisions is in-character and outright hilarious, thanks in large part to the delivery of both Brendan Fraser’s voice acting and the suit actor’s movements.  I am generally amused that the foul-mouthed robot with the dirtiest of dirty minds is voiced by a recent Oscar winner.

However, no one got any longevity.  But that doesn’t mean they can’t stop Immortus or the werebutts.  It’s kinda what they at least try to do…

I am gonna miss this show.