May 27, 2024

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Ted Lasso “4-5-1”

Season Three, Episode Three

So…this is the set-up episode, right?

Yes, the set-up episode, one where there’s a lot of stuff going on that is mostly to set up plotlines for later.  There’s maybe a central plotline, but there are so many small things happening that it’s hard to say which one will be the most important of the lot.  Most of this episode seems to focus on the arrival of Zava, the superstar guy who has never stayed with a team longer than a single season.  The impression I got was he was an arrogant superstar type.  The thing is, the series already had a character like that, namely Jamie.  Doing another Jamie on the team, one who is somehow worse, would probably feel too much like the series is repeating itself and treading water.

And this show isn’t that uncreative, is it?

No, Zava is probably going to be a problem, but the sort that sneaks up on people.  In this episode, he’s more a New Age-y type who still skips practice but seems to be getting the team all involved in a group breathing exercise, and this guy is the sort who can just go into other people’s offices like they’re his and people seem inclined to apologize to him.

How good is this guy?  Roy defers to his talents.  Roy actually thinks this guy is a better athlete than he was, to the point that he says he was never on Zava’s level when Ted suggests as much.

And then it turns out Jamie thinks there’s something not right about the guy.  I will admit to loving the idea that Beard thinks Jamie’s complaining is ironic, but it is Jamie who points out that he’s not being ironic so much as hypocritical.

Will it turn out Jamie is right all along?  Well, he asks Roy to train him to be a more elite athlete than he already is.

But this is an episode where Ted learns his ex is dating their marriage counselor (when Sassy says that’s wrong, it’s wrong), Sam opens his restaurant, Keeley is regretting hiring her friend a bit more, Rebecca thinks twice about her mother’s psychic, and a player whose name I don’t know is hiding his sexual orientation, and a whole host of other things.  Plus, Beard’s relationship is incredibly messed up.

So, where is the series going?  I dunno.  Probably somewhere ultimately pleasant.