May 27, 2024

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Weekend Trek “All Good Things…”

Picard needs to solve a mystery in three different time periods simultaneously.

After starting this Trek back in May of 2020, Jimmy and Tom have finally gotten to the end of Star Trek The Next Generation with the acclaimed last episode “All Good Things…”

OK, they will be covering the movies, but the TV show part is done!

“All Good Things…”

Picard finds his mind slipping between three different time periods, and Q seems to be responsible.

jimmy:  …must come to an end.

tomk:  Until the movies start.

jimmy:  But not yet.

tomk:  Ok, fine. I’m sure Paramount wasn’t looking at the aging original series cast and thinking these guys wouldn’t make a nice alternative to continue making Trek movies.

jimmy:  I’m sure they were. This was almost a movie itself.

tomk:  What?  You want Q in a movie with a higher special effects budget?

jimmy:  You don’t like Q?

tomk:  Everyone likes Q except the people who don’t.

jimmy:  The other Q’s.

tomk:  Picard.



Mrs. Q.

Bert, but not Ernie.

Superman because he can’t get Q to say his name backwards.

Cousin Minka.

The nation of Belgium.

And I think the Reverse Angle guys.

jimmy:  You sure you covered everyone?

tomk:  I haven’t asked everyone.

jimmy:  I watched a making of extra and the original script had 4 time periods.  The one that was cut was during Best Of Both Worlds.  They said the first hour was phenomenal, but the second half didn’t work. So they reworked it with the beginning, middle and end structure.

tomk:  Well, good. They don’t need to shoehorn the Borg into every Picard-focused story.

jimmy:  They had enough going on as it was.

tomk:  Someone tell that to the Star Trek Picard writing room.

jimmy:  For them the future was the present so they had more to work with.

tomk:  The Picard writing room worked in the future?

jimmy:  No. But the “present” was old Picard and company.

tomk:  The one where Data gave himself gray hair and didn’t need an in-story excuse to explain Brent Spiner’s aging?

jimmy:  And also seemed to have emotions.

tomk:  He did have an emotion chip at some point.

jimmy:  It seemed to be installed.

tomk:  I wonder who installed it.  Probably an unexpected guest star.

jimmy:  Not Wesley, since Data is not evil.

tomk:  Not Lore either.  He’s dead.

jimmy:  Or is he?

tomk:  He is.  Maybe it was Paul Rudd.

jimmy:  That would be unexpected.

tomk:  I’ll say.  Say, Jimmy, do you know what Paul Rudd did every time he went on Conan O’Brien’s talk show?

jimmy:  I do not.

tomk:  Well, Rudd would go on the shows, and he even did this on Conan’s podcast, to talk up his next movie whatever it was.  As is customary, he would bring a clip from the movie to show the audience.  But Rudd never actually brought a clip from his new movie.  He always brought the same clip from the ET-rip-off that doubled as a McDonald’s and Coca Cola commercial Mac and Me that Rudd was not in and had nothing to do with anything aside from a kid in a wheelchair falls off a cliff and a goofy alien sees it happen.  And that is why this kept popping up, here for the last time:

jimmy:  Hallelujah!

tomk:  You didn’t appreciate my Paul Rudd tribute?

jimmy:  Appreciate and enjoy are two very different things.

tomk:  Would you appreciate and enjoy this instead?

jimmy:  Lol. Definitely.

tomk:  Well, good. It’s Blueberry GAGH! on the menu tonight.

jimmy:  Uh, I had blueberry GAGH! for lunch.

tomk:  Oh, I see.  I’ll just leave it out for Worf.

jimmy:  Yes, you do that.

tomk:  You can have the cherry flavored.

jimmy:  Hopefully GAGH! gets retired in the cafeteria along with that Garbage Day video.

tomk:  Well, the show got retired here.

jimmy:  And a nicer send off than a gold watch.

tomk:  Picard finally goes to play poker, says he should have done it sooner. No Trek finale can equal that episode.

Well, maybe DS9’s.

jimmy:  And he would never play with them again…

tomk:  Not until Star Trek Picard ended.

jimmy:  Definitely some parallels there.

tomk:  Well, they didn’t need the old age makeup for Picard.

jimmy:  Or any of them. Always funny to see how people with make up jobs like that compare to how they actually end up.

tomk:  I meant Picard the show, but yes.

But Star Trek has been pretty on-point since they showed Adult Wesley.

jimmy:  Looks just like current day Wil Wheaton.

tomk:  He certainly has his famous jawline.

jimmy:  That’s why Wheaton was up for Batman back in the day.

tomk:  It was him, Dustin “Screech” Diamond, and Michael Keaton.

jimmy:  They got lucky.

tomk:  Lucky like Picard with Crusher or Worf almost with Troi?

jimmy:  At least Worf and Troi seem to finally be dating in the sacred timeline.

tomk:  They’re trying to, but Picard blocked them. Twice.

Or once. Lousy time travel.

jimmy:  Picard didn’t seem to care…or notice.

tomk:  Oh, he noticed.

jimmy:  He seemed more concerned that he was walking around barefoot.

tomk:  And in his space pajamas.

jimmy:  He didn’t seem too concerned about that.

tomk:  Not right away.

jimmy:  He was probably upset about losing his beard 2/3 of the time.

tomk:  Or gaining one 1/3 of the time.

jimmy:  That wouldn’t be upsetting.

tomk:  What about the implied fact Geordi married Dr. Brahms?

jimmy:  Oh? I missed that implication.

tomk:  His wife is named Leah. Like Dr. Brahms.

jimmy:  Ah. Well it wasn’t real…so Geordi strikes out again.

tomk:  The story he gives does closely match the one in Star Trek Picard.

jimmy:  Similar. Different set of kids though.

tomk:  Still had two daughters. Might have had similar names.

jimmy:  His kids in this episode are: Alandra, Brett, and Sydney. In the Picard timeline they are: Alandra and Sidney. Sorry Brett.

tomk:  Brett probably dropped out of the Academy and became the black sheep of the family.

jimmy:  “And Brett, well, we love Brett.”

tomk:  He probably sells weird drugs behind Boothby’s tool shed.

jimmy:  You think Boothby’s still around at that point?

tomk:  That guy?  He’s an immortal alien.

jimmy:  Then, yes?

tomk:  Unless he took a new job as the Vulcan Science Academy’s groundskeeper.

jimmy:  I doubt it. He’s notoriously racist against Vulcans.

tomk:  Are you sure it wasn’t against Romulans?

jimmy:  Maybe.

tomk:  Getting them mixed up might be considered space racism.

jimmy:  I’m not racist. I hate all the aliens equally.

tomk:  Even Worf?

jimmy:  Well, not Worf. Everyone loves Worf.

tomk:  What about Troi?  She’s half Betazoid.

jimmy:  It was a joke Tom. I don’t really hate any aliens.

tomk:  Good. Chewbacca, ALF, and the Alien Queen wanted to have a word with you.

jimmy:  2/3 of them are ok in my books

tomk:  None of them are on this show.

jimmy:  None of them are on this show so far.

tomk:  This is the last episode.

jimmy:  Ah.  Right.

tomk:  Did you forget?

jimmy:  No.  Just jokes.


jimmy:  That’s all that matters.

tomk:  Did you enjoy the episode?

jimmy:  I did. Great send off. You?

tomk:  One of the best. Have a celebratory root beer float.

jimmy:  Excellent. The ending was bittersweet, knowing there won’t be any more episodes. But they certainly left it all in the table here. Possible future. Tie in to the first episode.

Though I found they didn’t give Riker a lot to do.

tomk:  At least Riker was alive in the future.

jimmy:  Unlike Troi.

tomk:  Her death was somebody’s fault.

jimmy:  Could have been natural causes.

tomk:  She naturally stepped in front of a moving train?

jimmy:  I don’t think they said what happened.

tomk:  No. How mysterious.

jimmy:  Riker wasn’t happy about it either way.

tomk:  Neither was Worf.

jimmy:  No one was probably.

tomk:  Guinan might have been.

jimmy:  She was busy on Risa.

tomk:  Probably safer there.  No Q.  No Borg.

jimmy:  For now.

tomk:  She may be competing with a Quark’s franchise in the future.

jimmy:  I doubt Picard lets a Ferengi bar on the Enterprise in any timeline.

tomk:  But Risa might!

jimmy:  Risa!

tomk:  Sure, why not?  Anything goes there.

jimmy:  But Guinan sticks around the Enterprise for a bit longer yet.

tomk:  I didn’t see her in the future.

jimmy:  Maybe she died with Troi.

tomk:  Or she got a new bar on Risa where she competes with a Quark franchise.  Keep up, Jimmy.

jimmy:  I’m trying.

tomk:  Good. Because the series may end but the trial never does.

jimmy:  Too bad we’ll never see Q again to find out how it turns out.

tomk:  Not in the Alpha Quadrant anyway.

jimmy:  Ah, good point.

tomk:  And good news:  the trial may never end, but it looks like Newfoundland got a stay of execution due to your general genial nature.

jimmy:  We rock!

tomk:  Well, you do because the guy two doors down almost got your block a death sentence.

jimmy:  There is no two doors down.

tomk:  Not anymore there isn’t.

jimmy:  That explains that.

tomk:  I suppose we could point out Q was being helpful this time.

jimmy:  Q would probably say he’s being helpful every time.

tomk:  Except Picard realized he was helping.

jimmy:  You can’t get much by Picard. Even with Irumodic Syndrome.

tomk:  That his own show will later say he doesn’t even have.

jimmy:  They do explain it. But that’s for the Picard rewatch in 2050.

tomk:  I better mark my calendar.

jimmy:  Yes. We don’t want to forget.

tomk:  And it’s a good thing Picard didn’t forget a lot of stuff from the pilot episode.

jimmy:  His memory was warmed up with that Ferengi episode.

tomk:  And probably some of that leftover footage of baby-faced Riker.

jimmy:  That wasn’t new footage?

tomk:  Well, Riker’s voice seemed to only be heard when we couldn’t see him.

jimmy:  He did say “understood” on the view screen.

tomk:  That could have been leftover from before. I could check but that would require rewatching the pilot or even just the entire first season to find one scene.

jimmy:  Pretty sure it was from “Farpoint”.

tomk:  You’re probably right. Have a Baby Ruth.

jimmy:  Thanks!

tomk:  Official candy of Hawkman.

jimmy:  Huh.

tomk:  Unofficial candy of the Gabbing Geek Jug Band.

jimmy:  There’s a jug band?

tomk:  The Beaver is a member.

jimmy:  I was wondering who those guys were.

tomk:  You could join if you bring your own jug.

jimmy:  I don’t have a jug.

tomk:  Try emptying this one.

jimmy:  I’ll give it a shot on New Year’s Eve.

tomk:  It’s full of lemonade.

jimmy:  I like lemonade. And the replicator knows how to make it, unlike Earl Grey tea.

tomk:  That comes with the holodeck expansion pack.

jimmy:  Pre-beard Riker had that with him.

tomk:  He also had to keep an eye on Wesley.  We both know why.

jimmy:  Evil.

tomk:  Also, to make sure he doesn’t appear in this episode.  They’ll bring back Tasha and O’Brien, but Wesley is a no-go.

jimmy:  He had his send off. Plus they couldn’t de-age him 7 years.

tomk:  They should have put Dorn back in the original Worf make-up.

jimmy:  Heh. That did cross my mind.

tomk:  I’m sure the cast was glad they didn’t use the original spandex uniforms.  There’s a reason they switched to cotton after season two.

jimmy:  Though they stuck Troi back in her miniskirt.

tomk:  Yes, but it was probably still cotton.

jimmy:  Riker wasn’t there to feel it to check.

It did provide some interesting scenes that we never had before. Like Picard first meeting Tasha and boarding the ship. And Troi talking to Picard about her and Riker’s past relationship.

tomk:  And Picard’s knowing O’Brien’s future.

jimmy:  He knew all their futures.

tomk:  And he couldn’t tell them.  He could just do stuff the others would find weird.

jimmy:  I did find that a little odd. Like, he was trying to preserve the timeline or something, yet everything he did was potentially changing the future. Plus, he knew that what he did in the past wasn’t affecting the other two time periods.

tomk:  Apparently, only in the present and future will people believe he isn’t insane.

jimmy:  They thought he was insane in the future for a good chunk of it.

tomk:  Oh, that was just senility.

jimmy:  Close enough.

tomk:  Like how close Frakes’s makeup got him to look like his actual elderly self?

jimmy:  You think?  I always find when they age people with make up they almost never look like how they end up.

tomk:  Well, it was better than just pulling Beverly’s hair into a bun.

jimmy:  True. She is almost unrecognizable now in real life.

tomk:  Because she’s over 70?

jimmy:  Maybe. But the rest of them still look like the same person.

tomk:  I think she might be one of the older ones.

jimmy:  She’s 74. Stewart is 83. Frakes 71. Spiner 74. Burton 66. Sirtis 68. Dorn 71.

tomk:  See, she is one of the older ones.

jimmy:  You were right.

tomk:  Yes. Now you can have ice cream.

jimmy:  I really shouldn’t. I’ve been trying to watch my figure. Oh…what the hell!

tomk:  Eh, you’re right. I’ll put that ice cream back in the freezer. You can have this salad instead.


tomk:  The Moose will take you out to the gym later.

jimmy:  What a way to start the new year.

tomk:  It wasn’t your New Year’s Resolution?

jimmy:  Isn’t it always?

tomk:  You can probably give it up in a week.  Unlike the trial, those things end.

jimmy:  Speaking of, I was curious when we started this rewatch and it was May 2020.

tomk:  That was a quiet year.

jimmy:  Indeed. Doesn’t seem like we’ve been doing this three and a half years though.

tomk:  Well, we can always try and get Past Jimmy and Future Jimmy in on a conference call.

jimmy:  That would be interesting.

tomk:  Future Jimmy says he’s doing another TNG rewatch with Watson Jr and is only on season three. Past Jimmy said “goo-goo ga-ga.”  I might have gone too far into the past.

jimmy:  lol

tomk:  And meanwhile, the female Jimmy from an alternate reality says she’s really your sister from this one.

jimmy: It’s possible.

tomk:  Not Impossible?

jimmy:  That as well for sure.

tomk:  Well, is it as impossible as having yourself in three times periods at the same time?

jimmy:  Not if there’s a Q around.

tomk:  Yeah, You-Know-Q sure can cause trouble.

jimmy:  That’s why he was voted the Star Trek character most likely to host a Back To The Future trivia game.

tomk:  Not Harry Mudd?

jimmy:  Correction, most likely TNG Character.

tomk:  Ok, you win this round.

jimmy:  I don’t think there are any winners there.

tomk:  And you also win that round.

jimmy:  If you insist.

tomk:  Now you just have to defeat the reigning champion to advance to the next round.

jimmy:  Uh oh.

tomk:  Problem?

jimmy:  Against the MVP?  Maybe.

tomk:  He’s just been warming up with the Garbage Day Guy. I’m sure he’s still in a good mood.

jimmy:  I concede.

tomk:  Ok, for your parting prize, you need to explain which Trek series had the best final episode to the guest judges.


jimmy:  I don’t remember DS9…can I get back to you?

tomk:  Captain?

jimmy:  I’m sorry, Benjamin.

You’ve watched both recently…your thoughts?

tomk:  They’re two different shows with appropriate endings, but TNG’s was better.

jimmy:  Cool.  Overall thoughts on the rewatch?

tomk:  The show holds up pretty well given it’s an episodic series with a new problem every episode.

jimmy:  I still enjoyed it. Though I kept waiting for this sustained run of excellence that never really came. It certainly improved over the years, but still had the occasional clunker.

tomk:  Like every Troi episode.

jimmy:  Or Crusher having ghost sex.

tomk:  That was one episode. Not all of her episodes.

jimmy:  There must have been some good Troi ones.

tomk:  Ok, tell me which one you liked.

jimmy:  Umm…


jimmy:  Well, I don’t know off hand.

tomk:  You can go check an episode list online.

jimmy:  I could…

tomk:  Will you?

jimmy:  No.

tomk:  So, who was your favorite character and why do you like Worf so much?

jimmy:  Lots of favorites. I like Picard, Riker, Data and Worf in tier one. Then Geordi tier two. Crusher and Troi tier three.

tomk:  Captain Jake in tier one and a half. Lwaxana Troi tier four. Watson of the 24th and a half century tier seventeen. And the Moose is a zero.

jimmy:  Sounds about right.

tomk:  Ensign Jimmy:  a tier of his own.

jimmy:  That could go either way.

tomk:  He’s not on sale at the Jerk Store.

jimmy:  Wesley’s their number one seller.

tomk:  That’s more for the Evil Store.

jimmy:  Sometimes they overlap.

tomk:  So, two things that seem unrelated can be connected?

jimmy:  The future is a wacky place.

tomk:  The past can be weird too, Jimmy.  Have you ever heard of Bardcore?

jimmy:  No. But the song sure is familiar.

tomk:  I think the Moose wrote it.

jimmy:  He is very talented.

tomk:  I know. I have heard him play the drums. He even impressed Q.

jimmy:  That’s not easy.

tomk:  Q likes quadrupeds.

jimmy:  That’s our Q!

tomk:  Ok, so, any final thoughts on the series as a whole or the episode in particular or whether or not Cousin Minka would let you take her picture?

jimmy:  No for sure on the last one.

Great finale. They really pulled out all the stops, including making the screens on the bridge being moving graphics and not just static bars.

Series as a whole we kinda touched on. Has its ups and down but mostly holds up. Stellar ensemble cast.

tomk:  It probably helps that, by all accounts, the actors really were all friends unlike other Trek shows.

jimmy:  Stewart needed some persuading at first from what I hear.

tomk:  He’s been pretty up front about that.

jimmy:  Then he turned into one of the biggest jokers.

tomk:  They just had fun.

jimmy:  Great interview.  Though she got at least one thing wrong, Stewart just released a book.

tomk:  She meant a nasty tell-all. And that’s not a new video.

Spiner wrote a book too, but his was fictional.

jimmy:  Plus Stewart has many, many more years to talk about besides TNG.

tomk:  All I know is I like Riker and Troi more after the show ended in part because the actors are so darn charming.

jimmy:  And you couldn’t get enough of Beyond Belief.

tomk:  Even when he said how wrong you were.

jimmy:  Not this time.

tomk:  Some other time then.

jimmy:  Perhaps.

tomk:  In all seriousness, I would rank Riker at Tier 2 with Geordi. He’s basically just the standard Captain Kirk style hero. Data has the quest for humanity, Worf is trying to fit in somewhere, and Picard gets the intellectual plots. Riker is basically just the white bread hero type. It’s why I like Old Riker on Star Trek Picard better. He just seems to be laid back and enjoying life unless someone brings up his dead son.

More or less the same with Troi. It took until Star Trek Picard for some writers to finally figure out how to use her.

jimmy:  I see your point.  But his beard bumps him to Tier 1.

tomk:  The beard doesn’t help that much, Jimmy.


tomk:  He’s almost as stylish as you during a Gabbing Geek Open House.

jimmy:  Almost.

tomk:  That jacket you wear really ties the room together.

jimmy:  Now if I could just figure out how to undo these straps…

tomk:  Try the zipper.

jimmy:  It’s more straight based than zipper based.

tomk:  Oh.  I got some scissors for that.

jimmy:  And that’s why you’re the Gabbing Geek MVP.

tomk:  And that’s why you deserve this meat lovers pizza.

jimmy:  I can eat this watching the first divisive movie.

tomk:  Why not watch an undivisive movie?

jimmy:  We can’t watch them out of order.

tomk:  Sure we can.

jimmy:  Like we could burn down the burlesque house.


Jimmy, did you get your wallet stolen at the burlesque house again?

jimmy:  Uh, no?

tomk:  Because they called to say they found your wallet in the lost & found.

jimmy:  I must have dropped it out front on my way to the church next door.

tomk:  You mean the bordello?

jimmy:  Maybe we should move on.

tomk:  To a movie Leonard Nimoy and Deforest Kelley both turned down?

jimmy:  They made their TNG appearances.

tomk:  So, how about the one with William Shatner?

jimmy:  That would be fitting.

tomk:  Ok, you win unless you want to slap a grade on the series before we hit the movies.

jimmy:  My initial thought is B+. But that seems low. Maybe A-?  Somewhere in that range.

tomk:  That seems fair. The highs were among the best, but then you get Dr. Crusher’s sex ghost.

jimmy:  Your grade?

tomk:  I will give it a 9 out of 10 Captain Jake references.

jimmy:  Ah. It’s been awhile, I forgot how we grade around here.

tomk:  You forget things a little too easily sometimes.

jimmy:  I don’t remember.

tomk:  Do you remember how we agreed to skip straight to First Contact?

jimmy:  I don’t think I’d agree to that. Besides, Generations has the closest to a Trek actor that I’ll ever meet.

tomk:  You met Alan Ruck?!?

jimmy:  I wish!

tomk:  Ok, shall we move to Generations then?

jimmy:  Make it so.

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