April 18, 2024

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The X-Files “Lord Of The Flies”

A teenage boy seems to control insects.

Hey, here’s some neat guest stars.  “That guy!” actors Michael Wiseman as an bug specialist looking to get some and Erick Avari as a doctor who really wants to avoid a lawsuit.  But there’s Jane Lynch as the principal of the local high school and the mother of the prime suspect plus a pre-Breaking Bad Aaron Paul as a Johnny Knoxville wannabe.

Vince Gilligan, despite having a connection to the episode that featured Bryan Cranston, doesn’t seem to have had much to do with this one though aside from his series producer credit.

The Case:  Bugs!  Lots Of Bugs!

The Rest:  Well, this was something.  I mean, Aaron Paul as a teenage boy hosting a show called “Dumbass” where his brother does stupid things?  It’s a good role for him.  Oh, and then his character’s brother, the actual Dumbass in Dumbass dies when he takes a tumble and somehow his skull crumbles like silly putty.  Enter Doggett and Reyes who find his skull full of flies, and then enter Scully to say the flies essentially ate the boy’s skull.

See, there’s this kid who had a thing for the dead kid’s girlfriend, and his mother is the principal and, in my personal head cannon, also Sue Sylvester.  Said kid, Dylan, basically can control bugs.  Paul’s dumbass from Dumbass has the words “Dumb Ass” written into his back by skin lice while Doggett and Reyes question him, and when the girl Natalie decides she likes Dylan as much as he likes her, a kiss goes bad because something in his mouth cut hers, and now she’s afraid of him.  But that’s not the highlight here.

No, the highlight here is Scully.  Yes, for the first time this season, Scully actually fit into the story and had something to do.  Brought in to perform the autopsy of the dead kid from the opening, she’s soon reluctantly partnered with Wiseman’s bug scientist, and he really seems to be flirting with her in a strong and obvious way, even to the point where he thinks he’s fighting crime with her or something and says he never had a partner before.

Scully replies matter-of-factly that she did.  Perfect answer.  Scully can only barely hide her annoyance at this guy, and when Dylan starts shooting webbing out his mouth, it turns out he’s some kind of human/insect hybrid…just like his mother.  Dead old dad did not go off for some cigarettes and never come back.  His desiccated corpse has been in the attic for years as Mama never told Dylan why he couldn’t really be with Natalie.  Yes, he can control insects.  But he also feeds like one.  Normal humans like Natalie should stay away from him.  Same with the bug doctor who gets webbed up by Sue Sylvester.  Scully gets him out.  Maybe she wishes she didn’t, but Scully in action in this episode felt like the real Scully, not the bystander that I kept seeing so far this season.

Then again, this is The X-Files, and this show wouldn’t be The X-Files if Dylan and his mother didn’t get away in the end, but he sends some fireflies to spell out “I Love You” to Natalie, prompting a smile…which is odd since she was petrified of him before that.

Oh well.

Up next, the ongoing threat of John Locke.