June 19, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Murder, She Boat”

In which Lisa has to prove Bart innocent of a crime onboard a cruise ship.

So, the site went down again.  I think it’s fixed again.  I don’t know.  I needed time to get some new posts up, so expect two Simpsons write-ups plus the Doctor Who Christmas special up this week, starting with last weekend’s Simpsons.

Marge is doing her most exciting thing of the day by checking the mailbox when she realizes there are two COVID relief checks stuck inside that she never noticed before.  What to do with the money?  Lisa suggests an experience that everyone will remember, and that works so long as only part of the experience is explained to Homer in advance, namely that the “experience” consists of a cruise (“Woo hoo!”) on a geek-entertainment-themed ship (“D’oh!”).  Cue a long, not very funny “Nerd Boat” theme song.

But hey, it isn’t all bad.  As long as Comic Book Guy as some sort of cruise king isn’t bad.  It is for Bart.  Bart tried to get feedback on a handmade comic, and Comic Book Guy fed it to a shredder.  He really should have tried the shop across the street.  That guy was much nicer.  Regardless, Comic Book Guy is there with his prized possession:  a Radioactive Man action figure with Wolverine claws.

Naturally, things go wrong.  At a cosplay dinner where the Simpsons dress up like the Adams Family and Homer wonders aloud why he couldn’t be Uncle Fester, Bart says he wants something horrible to happen to the action figure.  Then the lights go out, and when they come back on, the action figure is missing its head.  Since Bart swore vengeance beforehand, he gets locked up in the brig.  It still has cruise ship amenities, but it’s still the brig.  Can Lisa, appropriately dressed like Wednesday Adams, find the real culprit?  And will special guest star Taika Waititi be able to help?

Actually, Taika Waititi had a pretty big role in this episode, ostensibly what could have been a quick cameo as the celebrity guest for the cruise there to promote his new medieval detective streaming series (the black plague always does it), but he hangs around, first as Lisa’s partner to find the real culprit since no one bothered to actually interview suspects.  It turns out everyone hated Comic Book Guy from Milhouse (the action figure was originally his) to Comic Book Guy’s wife Kumiko (he seemed to love the doll more than her).  And then Comic Book Guy disappears and the decapitated head of the toy shows up in Bart’s luggage.  Looks like Bart did it.

Until Lisa realizes Taika Waititi did it because he was the owner of the only other Radioactive Man with Wolverine claws until he accidentally broke it and wanted to swap it with the only other whole one.  Chief Wiggum can even prove it by searching Taika’s room.  It’s OK because they’re on international waters.  Or it’s not because they’re actually on Lake Springfield.  The latter seems more likely.

Anyway, Bart is exonerated, Taika gets arrested, and Comic Book Guy is found hiding in the ship’s gym because he saw how everyone hated him.  Then he made it up to his wife by tossing the action figure overboard.

I suppose that’s a happy ending unless you’re from New Zealand.  Though I did like how Waititi didn’t know the names of the Flight of the Concords guys despite the fact he worked on their TV show…