May 27, 2024

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Weekend Trek “Emergence”

The Enterprise itself seems to be coming to life.

With Star Trek the Next Generation coming to a close, Jimmy and Tom are wondering one thing:  why are so many of these last few episode so forgettable?

They may or may not remember the episode they discussed below.


The Enterprise seems to develop a mind of its own.

jimmy:  It’s always funny how nonchalant people in the future are about knowing things contemporary to when the show aired. Of course Crusher and Picard knew all about the Orient Express.

tomk:  Dixon Hill took it once to solve a murder.

jimmy:  I think you are mixing him up with Hercule Poirot.

tomk:  That’s OK.  I’m pretty sure the show mixed Dixon Hill up with Sam Spade.

jimmy:  Hill would have fit right in with this episode.

tomk:  Picard almost got hit by a train.  He wasn’t going back to the holodeck when Troi would just volunteer.

jimmy:  What was Troi going to do anyway?  Holographic characters don’t have emotions.

tomk:  What else were they going to do?  Bring Barclay back for another episode?

jimmy:  He knows more about the holodeck than Troi.

tomk:  So does Geordi, but he was watching the plastic tubes grow in the cargo bay.

jimmy:  Man that was a cheap effect.

tomk:  It was apparently alive.

Like the exocomps and the rocks from that season one episode I barely remember and you probably forgot.

jimmy:  They needed all the money they could save for the finale.

tomk:  And that’s why it’s not a Barclay episode.

They had to save money with all the people on the train and Data holding up that car.

jimmy:  Don’t forget the trip to Brickville.

tomk:  Sounds like a Minecraft rip-off.

jimmy:  I’m not young enough to know.

tomk:  I only have a vague idea thanks to this video:

jimmy:  That must have been John Walker Cap.

tomk:  And the paper mache skull Wolverine?

jimmy:  Just a flesh wound.

tomk:  Like how Picard and Troi seemed to get the same facial injury inside the holodeck?

jimmy:  Had to reuse the make up/prosthetic…gotta save that finale money.

tomk:  It was just a blood smear on the same cheek. And I meant facial cheeks if you got some funny ideas about Troi…or Picard.

jimmy:  I didn’t.

tomk:  Good. We like our Star Trek wholesome with no strong swearing or anything like that.

jimmy:  That’ll never happen in Trek.

tomk:  Lots of things will never happen in Trek. Like, um, when Geordi uses the Force to fend off the Duras sisters to protect the Gelflings and Baby Groot.

jimmy:  That didn’t happen?

tomk:  Only in the classic movie Who Framed Captain Picard.

jimmy:  I missed that one.

tomk:  Too bad. It’s an all-time classic. There’s “The Best of Both Worlds, “The Inner Light,” “Darmok,” and that one.

jimmy:  Huh. Guess we better start over from the beginning so I don’t miss it.

tomk:  You should probably find another partner for that. Have you considered Greg?

jimmy:  Nah. We hit the best pair already.

tomk:  Not like the Enterprise and those colorful tubes.

jimmy:  So lame.

tomk:  Not as lame as this:

jimmy:  No. Nor as infuriating.

tomk:  Was this episode infuriating?

jimmy:  Not that I recall.

tomk:  Do you remember anything about it?

jimmy:  I remember I watched it. And Crusher managed not to turn everyone into bugs or lemurs or whatever. And Barclay was on vacation.  As was the effects department.

tomk:  I see. Should we skip to the next one?

jimmy:  Does it deal with these sentient beings finding a home?

tomk:  No. It deals with a send-off of a character we haven’t seen in a while.

jimmy:  Barclay?  That would be ironic.

tomk:  No, someone we haven’t seen in an even longer time.

jimmy:  A TNG character?

tomk:  Yes.

jimmy:  Letter for a name?

tomk:  Well, Data really liked this one.

jimmy:  He is fully functional.

tomk:  But yes, we get one last appearance by Ensign Ro and then the finale.

jimmy:  Ro really never appeared much.

tomk:  Oh, so you would give the penultimate episode to someone else?  Like Ashley Judd or the First Contact alien or Captain Jake or Troi or something?

jimmy:  No. Though I like Ashley Judd. But no, just a general comment about her notiriaty, though she was far from a series regular.

tomk:  She’s like a Barclay or an O’Brien. You know, never main cast but still rather memorable.

jimmy:  Fair enough. Though O’Brien was pretty close to regular.

tomk:  That’s why he moved to DS9.

Ro had that chance, but Michelle Forbes wasn’t interested in being tied down to a series. So, we got the awesome Major Kira instead.

jimmy:  Kira is awesome.

jimmy:  I really need to rewatch DS9.

tomk:  Well, I already covered that one.

jimmy:  Yes. I know. Will have to watch that one all alone.

tomk  You could always watch it with someone else.

jimmy:  Not the same. sniff

tomk:  You’re right. It would be different. Different isn’t always bad.

jimmy:  Ok. sniff

tomk:  Have you considered Cousin Minka?

jimmy:  Different isn’t always bad.

tomk:  That’s what I said.

jimmy:  Ok, I’ll do it!

tomk:  Good. Go ask her later. We should cover something with Young Michelle Forbes one last time.

jimmy:  I’m up for that.

tomk:  Alright. Let’s see one last potentially forgettable episode before we hit the big final episode.

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