June 19, 2024

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Doom Patrol “Fame Patrol”

Season Four, Episode Eight

Well, what do you do when someone just destroys a whole pocket dimension but might just be a somewhat innocent woman who accidentally fell down a time vortex?

You blame Cliff for what went wrong and make him hate himself as much as everyone seems to hate him, that’s what.

Since Cliff gave up his longevity the most willingly, he is getting the blame from the others, but that is rather typical of this show.  Jane gets mad at everyone, especially Cliff.  Larry mostly feels bad.  Rita is the most, well, superheroic of the bunch not counting Vic, but Vic gave up being Cyborg.  And Laura is still a reformed villain.  Maybe Isabel Flowers won’t be so bad if she’s Immortus, and calling her by that name loudly only makes the others even more annoyed at Cliff.

OK, they’re all aging rapidly, and Cliff finally realized that frozen were-butt got loose.  But his Parkinson’s is back.  Jane can’t find her way through her own mind to the Station, and that’s bad.  Larry needs to find a new guardian for Keeg before he dies and possibly goes full meltdown.  Rita wants to get Immortus, but mostly because Isabel is her local acting rival.  These are not emotionally healthy people.  Vic seems pretty well-adjusted, Dorothy, Casey, and the returned Rama try to help out, and Laura, well, she’s the only one who seems to see something is wrong.

See, Isabel can cause time to rewind and play back to her liking.  She likes attention and the idea of fame, so whenever something causes that not to happen, she resets things.  She set up events for their to be a parade in Cloverton honoring heroes, and that would be the Doom Patrol for saving her…and not pointedly her for being the one who got saved.

I think she didn’t think that all the way through.

But man, how appropriate is it for a show where the heroes are all, like, really messed up for their final villain to also be really messed up?  The Doom Patrol are all, to a person (except for Vic who mostly just hangs out with them), people with some emotional and mental issues.  Larry’s depression, Cliff’s self-hatred, Jane’s, well, Jane-ness…they all aren’t going anywhere.  These aren’t the sorts of problems where an episode or two will solve them, and the series seems to know that this is a show about damaged people.  Yes, it’s often a funny and creative show about damaged people, but the point stands.  These are people who need therapy, not bad guys to fight.  Therefore, yeah, let their last villain be, basically, someone a lot like themselves.

Of course, Isabel is screaming again, and that already destroyed one pocket dimension.  That’s probably not a good thing.