July 22, 2024

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The X-Files “Existence”

A whole lot of people seem to want to stop Scully from giving birth. I think.

Oh hey, Dale Dickey!  The character actress who always seems to play cranky women!  I really dig her work.

She’s a game warden and an alien replicant here.  And yes, they call them “super-soldiers,” but I think I like “replicant” better.

The Case:  Scully Gives Birth!

The Rest:  OK, I figured for this episode, I might have something to say about the new Doggett and Reyes partnership.  I know Scully isn’t going anywhere for the ninth and final season of the original run, but the episode is written in such a way to allow both Mulder and Scully to quietly exit the series.  Scully just doesn’t.  Mulder does.  That’s not that surprising in the grand scheme of things, but hey, here we are.

This episode has a moment when Doggett actually asks Mulder if he’s gotten anything out of his life after ten or so years on the X-Files, and the episode ends with Mulder and Scully kissing with baby William Mulder between them.  This will be the same kid they will have dispassionate conversations about every so often in the revival, and I gotta say, this time around, I prefer these two as friends and nothing more.  Seeing them kissing doesn’t do much for me as a viewer.

Though I did get a Lone Gunmen cameo.  That’s always welcome.

This episode also features what I am hoping is the end of Krycek.  I mean, he did this bit where he said he hoped Mulder was going to save the day or something, but then Skinner shot him a couple times including one in the head.  So, that should be the end of that weasel, but he didn’t even have a steady motivation over the past seven or so seasons since he showed up, adding to the general confusion of what I am supposed to be worried about here.  Who is the conspiracy at this point?  Rohrer and Crane are aliens, and both go splat here but probably survived.  Billy Miles?  He’s not all that threatening to me, but the way he used one arm to stop an elevator from going down was rather cool.

Anyway, that’s where we are right now.  The super-soldier replicant aliens did or didn’t want to stop Scully from giving birth and ultimately didn’t.  Why?  Beats me.  No one seems to have an answer for what these guys want or anything.  Is William Mulder a threat to them or not?

I mean, Kersh is since Doggett is investigating him now.

But there’s also the new X-Files team of Doggett and Reyes, and I would like to say something about the two of them, a pair of characters who supposedly know each other from way back and are now on the X-Files.  I would like to say how they work as partners, but the truth is, I have no idea right now.  They barely spent any time in this episode with Doggett off with Mulder while Reyes took care of Scully.  Doggett isn’t a bad character.  Reyes, well, might be.  She’s the “believer” of the pair, but she’s more new-agey as opposed to Mulder’s conspiracy theory way of seeing the world, and I don’t know that the X-Files, or The X-Files needs some kind of hippie sort of character at this point.  For all that the two are old friends or something, Reyes has barely done anything with Doggett at this point in the series.  She’s worked with Scully or Mulder, but not so much Doggett.  So, really, I don’t know what to expect of her or her on-screen chemistry with Doggett.

Maybe I’ll have more to say about their partnership in the next installment.

Up next, Mulder is gone again, but we got some Xena and the Dread Pirate Roberts.