May 27, 2024

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The Afterparty “Vivian And Zoe”

Series Finale

So, Apple TV+ opted not to pick up a third season of this fun and funny murder mystery series.  I’m oddly fine with that as this final episode does work as, well, a final episode.

Yes, a murderer is found, and Aniq and Danner both seem to piece it together at the same time.  But first, they have to interrogate Zoe, the only person not present for the crucial moments when Edgar died in anyone’s story.  Cue what may be the best parody of the entire series as Zoe’s story is a horror movie with Isobel’s apparently unkillable dog Colonel attacking her in Grace and Edgar’s room.  Zoe confesses that…she may have killed the dog!  I mean, it’s not a big dog, but those glowing red eyes in her story were kinda freaky, and she did toss it out an upper story window.

But that dog landed on a trampoline and was absolutely fine.

No, the killer, as revealed in more or less the final story, is Ulysses.  Vivian, telling her story in bad soap opera style, reveals he didn’t come for a paternity test for Grace but to try to get Vivian to run away with him.  When she refused to leave Feng, he decided to poison his brother, but Fend and Edgar accidentally switched drinks.  There needs to be more work done to convince Sheriff Martin Mull, but in the end, Ulysses ain’t the fun uncle anymore.

After that, it’s happy endings for the people who deserve it.  Hannah and Grace get together.  Zoe and Aniq get engaged.  Grace signs away her rights to Edgar’s fortune, but she does get Isobel to give her dad the money he needs to save his food truck.  Sebastian gets canned after Travis gets his people to buy up their cryptocurrency in a way that loses him money since Travis is not as dumb as looks.  And Danner stops writing books and instead makes a movie about season one, even getting herself engaged to actor Jaleel White, playing Aniq in the movie version as a reference to all the times people called Aniq “Urkel.”

I’m oddly enough not that upset that this is the end.  I figure it might be hard to keep coming up with compelling murder mysteries and different genres to spoof, and as I noted, the show was only so-so successful in spoofing some of them.  I mean, they did romcoms twice, and that never worked since, well, the show was already a comedy.  But this season saw a pitch perfect Wes Anderson copy, that Jane Austen thing, a film noir, and a bunch of TikTok videos played to various comedic effect.  I wasn’t sure they could top season one’s musical episode, but damn if they didn’t come really close.  At the same time, this is a show that relied on a gimmick, and that can get real old, real fast.  Unlike, say, Only Murders in the Building as that show is based on character more than a gimmick, and that’s the sort of comedy that can last longer.  Still, I’m glad to have seen The Afterparty as it was quite clever and funny.  It also knew when to quit.

So, what now for Mondays?  Well, I did catch one episode of something else on Apple TV+.  Might as well stick with the streaming service for now with, well, something big.

Yup, time to look into Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.