February 26, 2024

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Gabbing Geek Manga Review: Attack On Titan Volume 9

The Survey Corps finds evidence that the Titans got through a wall to attack a village. But the wall is intact...

Every so often, I remember that I used to do more manga reviews.  Then again, I also used to do more regular trade paperback reviews too.  Heck, I used to do a lot of a lot of things.  Then I got my own site for my movie reviews.

Eh, it doesn’t matter.  I may almost have a life these days.  Here’s some thoughts on the ninth volume of Attack on Titan.

Much of this volume, containing the next four chapters, seems to be dealing with the fallout of the previous volume or two where the Female Titan was finally captured and revealed to be a member of the Survey Corps.  Eren was already proof that it was very possible for a human to change into a Titan and (mostly) retain his own mind, so the fact that there could be more that could do that shouldn’t be too surprising.

But then comes the shock:  Titans seem to have breached one of the walls and attacked a village where one of the members of the Corps still had family!  However, the more the Corps looks into things, the more mysterious it becomes:  there are no holes in the wall.  How did all these Titans get in?  Why was one with spindly legs popping out of a house in an unusual way?  You know, like it grew out of that house?  Why is there no evidence of any of the missing human inhabitants’ death?  Titans are messy eaters and usually leave blood and the like, but there isn’t any anywhere.  And the one left behind seems to call that Corpsman whose family came from that village by name in his mom’s voice.

OK, I’ll ask:  since when did the Survey Corps get this stupid?  They know that humans can change into Titans, and Eren didn’t exactly know how it happened to him.

That said, there is something interesting here: a new Titan.  This one is covered in body hair, attacks a horse at one point when most Titans ignore non-human animals, can talk, and seems to be doing his own thing.  What’s this guy’s deal?  I don’t know, but I’m intrigued right now.  Volume 10 may provide some answers, but I think it’s more likely going to be a big action story where the Survey Corps takes on a small army of Titans that may or may not be the villagers they were sent to find and possibly save.

That sets up some interesting drama potential.

9 out of 10 small child rescues.