February 26, 2024

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Doom Patrol “Orqwith Patrol”

Season Four, Episode Seven.

Alright, finally back to this fun and quirky show, one I am honestly and pleasantly surprised has lasted this long.  How the heck did it take me this long to get back to it?  I dunno.  Why did it take this long for the show to come back in the first place?  I coulda interrupted the Alice in Borderlands write-ups if the show came back just one week earlier.

Anyway, it’s back now.

As a reminder to, well, me and any hypothetical readers, the being known as “Immortus” is on its way back, stealing the longevity of the different members of the Doom Patrol.  Rita was captured and hers stolen.  Jane was more or less blackmailed into giving it up to save others.  Larry had something connected to his negative spirit baby inside of him.  And Cliff, well, he still has his.

Vic, it should be noted, didn’t have any sort of longevity.  Oh, and his buddy Derek has the power to bring his drawings to life, at least in the alternate reality of Orqwith.

But here are our heroes, some of them captured by the Scissormen who are perhaps kinda lame, but lame bad guys are par for the course for the Doom Patrol.  Rita and Laura found bad news on their own mission and opt to go back to the manor and get rip-roarin’ drunk.  Yes, they will eventually get enough liquid courage to go save the others, but they will still take the drink cart with them and be upset when Immortus shows up and destroys a lot of stuff including the drink cart.


OK, but Immortus needs Cliff’s longevity.  What could possibly be done to take it since Cliff knows that could doom everyone…oh, he’ll just give it up after he’s shown the possibility of a normal life with his daughter and grandson?  I mean, he’s still a robot, but…

You know, I’m not sure why most of the others (save Cliff) even had this longevity, especially Jane.  I can maybe get that Larry and Rita’s respective accidents increased their lifespans by decades, but Jane was just kinda born that way after suffering a huge trauma as a child at the hands of her own father.  Nothing the Chief did gave Jane any superpowers.  He didn’t set up an accident to make her the way she is.  He just kinda found her.

Eh, it doesn’t matter.  Cliff just gives up his longevity, bringing Immortus to Earth in the form of…Isabel Feathers, Rita’s rival for the local theater group she tried to join.  OK, Isabel seems to be possessed, but she’s powerful enough to destroy a whole weird dimension with just a single scream, one where the only thing that saved all the heroes (including Dorothy and Casey) was the fact Derek drew bubbles on a piece of paper.

If only he’d saved the drink cart.

Now, I didn’t see one here, but there is something involving undead were-butts still running around after all this.

Huh, I wonder if this series will end the same way the original Silver Age run of the comics do with the heroes all dying to stop something evil.  And wasn’t that evil General Immortus?

I might want to check that.