February 26, 2024

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Ted Lasso “Midnight Train To Royston”

Season Two, Episode Eleven

So, a character drops into the episode in the form of a Ghanaian billionaire that I thought looked like Sam Richardson, an actor I know best from The Afterparty.  But then I thought, well, aside from the actors playing Ted and Coach Beard, the cast on this show seems to be mostly made up on non-Americans, and largely British actors at that.  Why would I think it was Sam Richardson and not someone else, maybe an actor from Africa or even Britain that just looked like him?  Then it turned out it was Sam Richardson.

Make of that what you will.

So, this being the penultimate episode of the season, I have to say I am not overly sure where the series is going.  Dr. Sharon is leaving, and Ted isn’t happy that she just skipped out after leaving (incredibly well-written) letters to everybody, but he does make it up to her in his own way while showing her what it’s like to just skip the goodbye.  Roy and Keeley are both confessing that they get some attention from the opposite sex, in a moment that is both honest and trusting of the two of them but also something that clearly makes them both uncomfortable.  Plus, there’s the Sam and Rebecca thing and…wait, that sounds like a late season episode of Cheers.

I hope that wasn’t intentional.

But then there’s the Nate plot.  Now, this may be the interesting development even if it does mean that yet another person has betrayed Ted’s trust.  Nate has spent most of this series as a quiet man who other people seem to ignore.  That was until Ted gave him a chance to design plays and promoted him to coach.  Still, people seem to be inclined to give Ted more credit for the team’s success than Nate, and while that doesn’t bother the laconic Coach Beard or the more pragmatic Roy (Roy’s growl that this is just how things work probably says more than Beard’s shrug though Beard is an incredibly eloquent shrugger), it’s something that bothers Nate.

Where did this come from?

Now, it would be easy to see that Nate has spent most of his life being ignored or even pushed aside as someone who didn’t get very far in life for one reason or another, and I don’t expect Ted’s ways to be something that works on everybody.  At a certain point, even the most softspoken person will want more out of life.  And yeah, there comes a point when someone might want to be seen as their own person.  But he also leaked to Trent Crimm (The Independent) that Ted had an anxiety attack, something that will go to press and Ted does learn about.

Ted famously forgave Rebecca for hiring him just to tank the team when he was finally told, and it was no big deal.  This time, it’s far more personal and done behind Ted’s back.  He didn’t find out because Nate told him.  I would say this seems very un-Nate-like, but maybe it isn’t.  He’s someone who has been ignored his whole life and lived in Ted Lasso’s shadow even when he does get ahead.  Everyone has their limits, and he’s been taking his frustrations out on others for a few episodes now.

Still, if Ted Lasso is all about forgiveness and support, does that man have a limit?  And how ugly will it get if he does?