February 26, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Knight Terrors: Zatanna #2 (August, 2023)

Zatanna has to flee Insomnia's minions, now including a magically warped Robotman.

Wait, I spent two of these columns mildly complaining that all these Knight Terrors issues had me falling behind other titles, and what do I have for this column and the next one?  Knight Terrors special issues.

Eh, I liked some of them.

Issue:  Knight Terrors:  Zatanna #2, August 2023

Writer:  Dennis Culver

Artist:  David Baldeon

The Plot:  Zatanna, still awake and in danger, flees deeper into the Justice League Dark’s basement headquarters from the Sleepless Queen and her Knights, now including Robotman.

Commentary:  OK, I have a question:  are Insomnia’s powers based on magic or are they metahuman powers that are (theoretically) scientifically based?  You know, for a superhero universe.  This two-issue mini-series, what with Zatanna needing to use her powers to fight and later fix the cursed or warped or whatever Robotman, suggests magic.  But then the second part of another two-issue mini-series (that I will probably be getting the review up for next week) suggests it’s more scientific.  The Lazarus Planet event suggested his powers were activated during that weird rain of whatever a Lazarus Pit is made of, and I have no idea whether or not that’s magic or superhero science.

Regardless of whether or not Insomnia’s powers are magic-based, I think it is safe to say the Sleepless Queen and her demonic knights are.  Then again, I am still not sure how Insomnia even has minions like this, but I may or may not get an explanation for how all this works by the time I get to the end of this series.

OK, it may not matter.  I am nitpicking, and I actually rather liked the Zatanna special.  She’s not a character that often gets her own series, and teaming her with Robotman (as written by the writer of Unstoppable Doom Patrol) is an interesting move.  Yes, this final part shows her overcoming the problem without too much trouble.  I mean, it’s only a two issue special mini-series.  She doesn’t have a lot of story space to take care of the problem right in front of her.  Heck, these issues aren’t even extra-sized.  So, two issues of a standard comic, and Zatanna got a good, but not great, one.  Knight Terrors is maybe a bit above-average for a summer event so far.  It’s nothing earth-shattering, but it has been, for the most part, fun save for many of these special side-stories.  And quite frankly, the good ones mostly make up for the bad ones.

And Knight Terrors: Zatanna does somewhat make up for the mediocre Knight Terrors: Robin.

Grade:  B+