February 27, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Ae Bonny Romance”

In which Homer and Bart have very different feelings about attending Groundskeeper Willie's destination wedding.

Hold on…I had a Doctor Who episode with David Tennant go up yesterday.  I have a write-up for the first episode of the second season of Good Omens, also featuring Tennant, coming in later today.  And he did The Simpsons too?  I better make sure he didn’t pop up in this week’s Ted Lasso or something at this rate.

However, he’s not involved in the ensuing incident:  Bart and the boys of his class are horrified to learn their next lesson on gym class is…ballroom dancing with the girls.  Fearing cooties (do kids still fear cooties in 2023?), Bart heads off for something to protect the boys’ hands and comes back with what he thinks are band-aids.  But they’re actually nicotine patches, and the boys all go crazy and break things.  Bart didn’t set out to do that.  It was an accident.  But Skinner decides he needs to punish Bart with the most severe punishment possible:  he’s relegated Bart to Groundskeeper Willie’s care.

Meanwhile, Marge got an invite to a destination wedding in the Poconos, leading to Homer giving what looks like a days’ long rant about why destination weddings suck.  About all his rant does is make Marge realize they can use their airline points to go to this one.

As it is, Bart soon finds Willie ain’t so bad.  All he had to do was say he got sent away from trying to protect himself and his pals from the girls, and Willie wholeheartedly agrees to that idea since he lost a love named Maisie many years earlier.  That leads to bonding, TikTok videos, and whatever else Bart and Willie enjoy doing much to Skinner’s general displeasure.

Then Willie disappears, only sending out what looked like an SOS to Bart showing Willie was back in Scotland, possibly against his will.  Can Bart save him?  Homer thinks so…if they use the airline points to go to Edinburgh instead.  Marge relents, and then everything goes to hell for the Simpson men:  Willie’s fine, he and Maisie (guest star Karen Gillan) reconciled.  See, Willie used to work for Maisie’s family.  They made Scotch, and Willie had a good nose for sniffing out good peat for the making of whiskey.  But they disapproved of the relationship between Maisie and Willie and broke them up, leading to Willie going to America alone.  Bart’s TikTok videos showed Maisie that Willie was still alive, and her family (including guest stars Tennant and Paul Higgins) seem cool with him now.  Oh, and the whole thing is…a destination wedding.  Homer is already dreading the weird hook-ups that happen there.

Cue Superintendent Chalmers chatting up Lunchlady Doris.

Lisa, meanwhile, enjoys the culture of Edinburgh while the other members of the family do wedding stuff.  Homer and Bart spend the whole time complaining for different reasons, leading to Bart and Willie arguing while Marge bashes Homer with a drunken speech at the rehearsal dinner.  Can the Simpson men get back in their loved ones good graces?

Yeah, Homer sends Marge a cute animal video, and Bart overhears Maisie’s family saying they were using Willie for his nose and planned to get rid of him again rather quickly.  Bart warns Willie, but Maisie really does love Willie, so she headbutts him a few times to break his nose to prove it.  Bart gets love now.

I’m not sure I do.

So, does this mean Maisie is going to be a new regular character since I think she and Willie got married?  Or is she going to go the way of Moe’s fiancee?

Eh, at least there was a Belle and Sebastian song over the closing credits summarizing everything.